Lucky Links Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Lucky Links Slot Review

Created by gaming developers Just For the Win, in conjunction with major gaming house Microgaming, Lucky Links is a welcome addition to the world of slot gaming. It’s very much in the classic vegas slot design, rather than themed around a specific look such as Egyptian, or Irish. This means is perfect if you want a no-nonsense online slot experience with all the touches you would expect.

The name derives from a feature of stacks of linking symbols lock into each other, with additional respins being rewarded.

Looks & Feel

There is a strong purple colour theme to the look of Lucky Links. The game adopts the symbols associated with card games, including clubs, diamonds, spades, and diamonds, and so on.

There are classic good luck symbols like horseshoes, 4 leaved clovers, and triple lucky 7s. This makes it very much a slot in the classic style of land based casino slots. If you’re looking for something with that old school familiar feel, then it’s the slot for you.

Bonus Features

There are not the usual free spins or other bonuses you would expect, because the focus of the game revolves around the Lucky Links of the title.

Win Both Ways: The reels play from both directions – left to right and right to left, making it similar to land based casinos and other popular slots.

Lucky Links Bonus: The key features of the games is the luck links feature, where linking symbols lock into place, leading to additional spins.

Stacked Symbols: Symbols can be stacked several times, on all reels.

Lucky Links RTP

With an RTP of 96.10%, this game offers a fairly even risk, which is spread across lots of games. It’s a low variance slot, which means it’s good if you want to play the long game and win lots of little amounts.


In conclusion Lucky Links offers the chance to win lots of small amounts, with the occasional big win. This low variance  means it’s a consistently good play, good for players who want to have a good, long game online. And there is that change to go big and win 350x your deposit, to keep your interest. Some players may prefer a greater degree of risk to maintain their interest, and for you, a high various slot may be a better choice.