Lucky Tiger Review

Lucky Tiger is an oriental themed online slot game which was released in 2011 by gaming tycoons Red Tiger Gaming.

Players of this marvelous game can win up to 47104 coins and they can play on it via several different devices which include tablets, smartphones, laptops and computers.

Lucky Tiger has 88 paylines, 5 reels and plenty of cool bonus features which you will find out about in this magnificently informative review, so sit back, relax, take in all of this information and enjoy!

Looks and Feel:

Lucky Tiger is a slot game which is regarded as one of the best games from Red Tiger Gaming and having been around for over 6 years, it is certainly well-established. There are many reasons why this slot has been successful however the looks and feel of the slot is 2 of the main reasons.

Lucky Tiger is based on a tiger who is infact very lucky and the aim of the game is for the player to help the tiger out as much as possible in order to win big. The setting is oriental and in my opinion this setting is quite cool as it is very eye catching but also unique too.

So many different colours have been used on the lucky tiger slot game and they all vary however some of the most common ones are green, blue, red and also gold. The background colour on this game is dark red and there is also hints of gold as well as oriental patterns which really does bring out the theme.

In terms of the layout, everything on this game really is laid out very well, the title is on the middle of the page, the bet, balance and win tabs are towards the top and additional information such as the payment methods, FAQ and T&C’s are at the bottom.

I have always been interested in how a slot game feels so I must admit that I was beyond ecstatic when I found out that Lucky Tiger had a good feel to it. This slot game is smooth to go on and navigating throughout the slot felt marvelous!

The quality of the images and animations on Lucky Tiger is extremely high and the resolution is fantastic as well as the overall responsiveness of the site which is immensely fast! Overall, Lucky Tiger looks brilliant and feels brilliant so make sure you take a look at it!

Bonus Features:

Lucky Tiger is a slot game which is regarded as one of the best in the world at this current time and because of this there are millions of people who play on it. Due to the fact that this game has millions of players, RTG have had to make sure that they have a good range of bonus features in order to cater for the punters and they have managed to do a fabulous job on this!

Listed down below are a few of the best bonuses on Lucky Tiger.

Gong Symbol: The gong symbol is one of the best bonus symbols on lucky tiger and if it is found it will reward the player with 8-18 free spins.

Golden Tiger Wild: The golden tiger wild is a cool bonus which will reward the player with 6 additional free spins and the option to retrigger them.

Jackpot: Jackpots are absolutely brilliant and lots of slot players look out for them when playing on slots. I am very pleased to inform you that Lucky Tiger has a stupendous bonus of 5,888 coins.

Return to Player (RTP):

Lucky Tiger has an RTP of 95%.


Lucky Tiger is a fantastic online slot game which really is one of the most played slots at this current time. Lucky Tiger has become a fans favourite in recent years and we know why this is such a successful slot!

This game has been crafted very well and the design is splendid. In addition to this, there are dozens of promotions which include bonuses for new players and also existing players whilst the payout ratio is fab!

So if you are looking for a high paying slot which looks marvelous and will provide you with hours of fun be sure to check out lucky tiger.