Maximus Payus Review

Maximus Payus is a glorious online slot game which has become one of the most played games in the slot industry over the past several months and in this slot review you will learn everything about it and what it has to offer!

This game was released in November 2018 which it means it has been around for near enough over a year and since then it has gone on to become one of the most popular slots at this current time!

Developed by Inspired Gaming, Maximus Payus has 5 reels and 1024 ways to win with a maximum coin win of 42000.

Looks and Feel:

Maximus Payus is an ancient roman themed slot game which is well-known for plenty of things and it has lots of spectacular features which have all added up to make it a well-developed slot which really is a fans favourite!

This game has a theme which is very unique and these days it is quite rare to find a slot game which has an ancient roman theme, so I was more than happy when I saw that Maximus Payus was one of those slots which does have it!

The slot itself really is a good looking game which is bound to catch the attention of millions of slot players from all over the world and I will admit that it definitely caught my attention very quickly!

The main character who can be seen on the homepage of the slot is an odd looking roman soldier who is dressed in the typical armor, along with a helmet, sword and a shield!

In terms of the colours that have been used throughout the Maximus Payus slot game, they really are very different from the usual colours which you would expect to see on a regular slot. The main colours which caught my attention on this game include royal blue, purple, dark red and gold.

When it comes to the layout on this magnificent online slot game, I have to say that I am very happy with it and in all honesty, I wasn’t really expecting such a new slot to have a good layout as of yet because it usually takes developers some time to perfect it however I was certainly proven wrong!

The tabs which are regarded as ‘important’ are all situated in places which are easy to access on the slot, these tabs include the spin button, autoplay and stake tab.

In addition to this, you will be able to find information about payment methods, terms & conditions, gambling commissions and contact methods at the bottom of the homepage.

Due to the fact that we are huge slot fanatics here at Slotsino, we expect the slot games that we review to be simply the best! With this, includes not only a top appearance but also a top feel too which is equally as important!

The feel on a slot is something which can make or break the experience for the player and I am glad to inform you that Maximus Payus really does have a splendid feel.

From the navigation, through to the responsiveness and even the HD graphics! Everything is tremendous and how it should be, which makes me a very happy punter!

Bonus Features:

We currently live in a world where online gaming is huge and online slots are even bigger! With so many people investing their time and money on slot games every single day, it is clear to see why slot players want the best and want to paly on slots that will give them as much as possible!

One of the best things about playing on slot games in 2019 is the bonuses that you can receive whilst playing on them. Nowadays, slot games tend to have dozens of bonuses and promotions which players can use and they are known for helping the player quite a lot!

Bonuses on slots can vary massively and there is a wide range of them, with some of the most common ones including welcome bonuses which are for the new players and even jackpots which are there to reward players with a one off sum of a large amount!

Maximus Payus has a decent range of bonus features and we have decided to list a few of the most popular ones below.

Reel Bonuses: The big win bonus will reward the player with a win which is worth a least 20x of the players total stake. The 5 of a kind bonus will gift the player with a five of a kind type of win.

Free Spins: Free Spins are triggered by the player landing 5, 4 or 3 bonus symbols and they can receive a maximum of 20 free spins!

Jackpot: This slot has a tremendous jackpot which can see the player potentially walk away with 42000 coins!

Return to Player (RTP):

Maximus Payus is a world class slot which you can certainly expect to win big on, and to make things better it has an RTP of 95%!

About the Developer:

As you already know, Maximus Payus was developed by Inspired Gaming and to give you some knowledge about the company, we thought it would be pretty helpful to list some interesting facts about them!

Be sure to check out the interesting facts about Inspired Gaming below.

  • Inspired Gaming slots can be played in over 18 different countries, including Denmark and China!
  • 2002 saw the birth of Inspired Gaming.
  • As of 2019, there are over 80 games developed by Inspired Gaming!
  • The headquarters is in New York.


Maximus Payus is a really good slot game which I am very happy with and I can see why so many people have been playing on it since its release in 2018!

This game has a great layout, the colours that have been used work really well with the slot and the theme! The theme itself is super, not only is it unique but it is also fun to play on.

With plenty of jackpots, big payouts and lots of fun to endure, Maximus Payus really is an excellent game and I would recommend all of our readers to try it out!