Mega Dragon Review

Mega Dragon is a super slot game powered by development giants Red Tiger Gaming which has 8 reels.

This slot game was highly anticipated upon release and it soon became one of the most popular slot games that Red Tiger Gaming have ever released.

The minimum amount of money that players can wager the Mega Dragon slot game is £0.20 whilst the maximum amount is £20.

Since its release in April 2019, the Mega Dragon slot game has become very popular amongst slot players from all around the world and the online slot world has taken to it very well.

Not only is this game a cool game with lots of top features, it is also unique in terms of the design and what is based on and in this review, you will learn everything there is for you to know about it.

Looks & Feel:

If you are a frequent visitor on online slot games, I am very sure you will know that one of the most important things that people look out for is the appearance of the slot as well as the feel to it, both of which we will be covering during this part of the review.

So to start off with, I have to admit that this RTG slot really does look great in so many ways and there are various different reasons as to why I have made this statement.

One of the best things about Mega Dragon has to be the colours that have been used. The majority of them are quite light which gives it a relaxing look and the oriental them is very unique to say the least!

The colours used on this slot are all different and they really do vary, upon entering the Mega Dragon slot you will notice colours such as gold, pink, light blue and white.

In addition to this, the oriental theme is very easy to notice and the classic Chinese dragon can be seen at the start of the slot along with letters and numbers which are displayed in Mandarin.

For me personally, the feel of a slot game is immensely important so I was extremely happy when I realized that this slot has a good feel to it which is truly awesome.

The first thing which caught my attention on Mega Dragon in terms of the feel has to be the ease of navigating on the slot because the whole navigation is smooth and not once did, I experience any issues or problems with the game freezing which is infact a common issue with new slots.

Now let’s talk about the responsiveness on Mega Dragon which is definitely one of the very best features that RTG has to offer on this game.

The responsiveness is excellent and, in all honesty, it made me enjoy the slot even more because it makes the game so much nicer to play on.

The time for chosen pages and tabs to load up is very quick and the graphics are very clear too which is obviously a stupendous advantage for any slot game to have!

Bonus Features:

Red Tiger Gaming are well-known for a variety of good reasons when it comes to looking after their players and nowadays you can always expect to come across a good range of bonus features when it comes to playing on a Red Tiger Gaming slot game.

There are lots of fabulous bonuses on the Mega Dragon slot game and they can all be viewed from the homepage of the slot.

There are bonuses for various different players, so whether you are a new player or an existing player you can always be sure to find a bonus which is bound to suit you!

Green Dragon Feature: The Green Dragon feature is a marvelous bonus feature which turns the lowest valued symbol into a high paying symbol. This is a great symbol if you are looking to boost your chances of winning.

Free Spins: Free Spins really are terrific and you can expect to find some on Mega Dragon because there are loads! Free Spins aren’t that hard to find on this slot and they are pretty much everywhere so if you find some then be sure to take advantage of them!

Bonus Symbols:

Golden Pot: Symbol with the highest value which pays 888 coins if the player lands 25 in a single cluster.

Pearl Ornament: This great symbol will reward the player with 288 coins when they get 25 symbols in a cluster.

Golden Dragon Wild: Unfortunately, the Golden Dragon Wild doesn’t pay anything to the player however it does replace all other symbols which aren’t as useful.

Banner: Pays out 200 coins for 25 symbols in a single cluster.

Return to Player (RTP):

We know that our players only want the very best when it comes to the slots that they play on and because of this, the amount of money that a slot pays out is something which is regarded as extremely important!

The RTP is usually displayed in order for slot players to have a brief idea of how much money to expect if they win on the slot and I am pleased to inform you that Mega Dragon has a brilliant RTP of 96.19%.

About the Developer:

We know how important it is for slot players to know about the developer of their chosen slot and because of this we have put together some interesting facts about Red Tiger Gaming which can be seen down displayed.

  • The CEO of Red Tiger Gaming is Gavin Hamilton.
  • Gavin Hamilton was appointed as CEO in February 2018.
  • Red Tiger Gaming was created by a group of gambling veterans who are all well-established in the industry.
  • In June 2019, RTG were awarded with the Mobile Gaming Software Supplier award.


All in all, Mega Dragon is a marvelous slot game which is certainly one of the best slot games by Red Tiger Gaming to play on in 2019!

This slot really does have it all and you must be daft to not try it out! Mega Dragon certainly provides tons of fun as well as great payouts to those who manage to win. The slot itself has been put together very well and it is clear to see that it has been well-developed by the terrific developers RTG.

Mega Dragon caters for every type of punter out there, E-wallets, PayPal, Debit Cards and more are all accepted on this game and in addition to this it can be played on phones, laptops and even tablets!

This slot really is one of the best games right now and you must check it out!