Midas Gold

This review is about the Midas Gold online slot game. Midas Gold is a slot game which is based on the world-renowned king Midas.

Midas Gold was released in January 2018 and since then it has gone on to become one of the most played slot games created by Red Tiger and in this review, you will find out everything there is to know about the game itself and what it has to offer. Midas Gold has 5 reels and up to 40 paylines.

Looks and Feel:

Midas Gold is an exceptional slot which has gained lots of recognition and popularity over the past year because of what it has to offer and the awesome slot experience it has to offer to players.

Midas Gold has lots of top features and the looks and feel of it are truly brilliant! In this part of the review we will be giving you information on the appearance of Midas Gold and what the feel of the slot is like when playing on it.

As you already know, Midas Gold is based on the world-famous king Midas and this is clear to understand as soon as you enter the slot.

On the homepage, you will notice the distinctive character of bearded king Midas along with his queen who both look very serious and stern.

The overall appearance on this slot is very royal and you will come across a background of a tropical sea as well as golden pillars and crowns which add to the authentic royal look that this slot is trying to portray.

The overall feel on Midas Gold is stupendous and I must admit that this certainly made me love Midas Gold even more!

This slot has a smooth feel which means that players can move around the slot very easily and the overall responsiveness really is quite epic!

Not only does Midas Gold look brilliant, it also feels great too and this slot really is the perfect slot for any slot fanatic who wants a spectacular looking slot that I a breeze to get around on.

Bonus Features:

Bonuses are awesome and these days online slot games tend to offer a magnificent range of bonuses to their players in order to keep players placing bets and also recommending the slot to others.

Midas Golf has a fabulous range of bonuses which their players can use when playing on the slot and these bonuses vary very much.

Players can choose from welcome bonuses to free spins and plenty more so be sure to keep a look out for them as they can prove to be very useful!

Listed below are some of the most commonly used bonuses on Midas Gold.

Midas Gold Bonus Round: In the bonus round, all odds will be doubled and the player will have the chance to win some big sums of money so make sure you are on your toes when the bonus round comes around!

Free Spins: Free Spins are available throughout Midas Gold on a frequent basis and they are very handy so make sure you look out for them!

Return to Player (RTP):

Midas Gold has an RTP of 96.26%.

About the Developer:

Red Tiger Gaming are the developers of Midas Gold and to give you some knowledge about the company we have decided to put together a small list of some fun facts about the company which can be found below.

  • Red Tiger Gaming was created in 2014.
  • RTG games are licensed with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.
  • The head office is in the Isle of Man


Midas Gold is a terrific online slot game which has risen rapidly in terms of popularity and it is very clear to see why! Midas Gold offers dozens upon dozens of bonuses and top promotions to their players and much more!

In addition to this, Midas Gold has been developed extremely well and the developer has obviously worked very hard on the slot to make sure it is the best it can be!

Overall, Midas Gold is a top slot which has plenty of top features and I would certainly recommend it to any slot player that is seeking a reliable and fun slot game that is sure to provide lots of entertainment as well as big payouts!