Monkey Warrior Review

Monkey Warrior is a slot game developed by pragmatic play which has 243 paylines and 5 reels. The minimum bet is £0.25 and it is available to play on most devices which have a stable internet connection, these include iOS phones, Android devices, laptops, tablets and PC’s.

This is a very unique game which is based on animals with a Chinese twist to it and in this review, you will find out all the important information there is to know about the slot and why you should play on it.

Looks and Feel:

Monkey Warrior is a creative slot game which really is different from the rest. This game is mainly based on animals which all have a sprinkle of Chinese culture to them.

For example, you will notice Chinese dragons and green pandas when on the slot. In this part of the review we shall be giving you all the relevant information about the looks and feel on the Monkey Warrior slot game.

So as soon as you get onto the slot you will see a great variety of animals and various different icons which all relate very well to the theme of the slot.

Some of the most popular icons include the main monkey warrior, the royal queen and the pig. In terms of how the slot looks, it is very clear to see that it is a Chinese inspired slot and this is mainly because of the format of the text and also the colours that have been used. These colours include purple, gold, pink, blue and green.

The graphics on Monkey Warrior really are excellent, they are clear and very crisp which does infact make the slot immensely better than expected.

Pragmatic Play are renowned for developing slot games that have a good feel to them and this is most definitely the case for Monkey Warrior. When I first got onto the slot, I was extremely pleased with how well the slot actually responded.

I only had to click on the tab once for it to load up and when I was moving around the slot to get to where I wanted to go, I realized that it was ultra-easy!

The feel on Monkey Warrior really is brilliant and I must give credit to pragmatic play who have clearly put together a well-developed slot game that feels good and also looks awesome too because the appearance is certainly one of the very best things about this slot.

Bonus Features:

We currently live in a world where online betting is huge, matter of fact it is phenomenal and one of the most commonly played types of online games is slot game. Slot games are known for being extremely fun to play and also providing the player with lots of advantages too.

If you are a fan of big features and useful advantages when playing on slot games then you will certainly love Monkey Warrior as this game has lots of cool bonus features which you could get your hands on when playing on the slot.

Here are some of the most popular bonus features on Monkey Warrior.

Free Spins: Once the free spins feature has been triggered, the player will receive 8 totally free spins. Players will be able to retrigger this feature and when this has been done, they will be awarded with an additional 8 free spins.

Monkey Wild Symbol: The monkey wild symbol is a handy symbol which takes the place of all symbols on the game apart from the money and scatter symbols.

Return to Player (RTP):

Monkey Warrior has an RTP of 96.5%.


Overall, Monkey Warrior is a brilliant slot game with lots of terrific features which include splendid bonuses and high potential payouts so make sure you have a shot on it!