Multihand Blackjack Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Multihand Blackjack Review

Multihand Blackjack is a NetEnt creation. If you want to stay close to that traditional blackjack card game feel, this game incorporates a new and nice feature for you as a player to utilise and enjoy, while retaining all the fun of the original.

The key difference is that as you play, you’ll find that you’re able to place three hands at the same time, instead of one.

At the same time, you have the option of three hands, while the dealer only has only one.

Which in turn, gives you a higher chance of a win versus the dealer. Having the option of a small bet as 25p and the largest being £100 (x3), this game is great for both high and low rollers.

Look & Feel

As it’s a very traditional setup, there’s not much else to comment.

You get the sensation of being at a blackjack table, and that you’re playing blackjack. Much like probable bars you’ve visited, you’re also able to place several hands at the same time.

What is nice about this version from game developers NetEnt is that is fits the needs of both low, mid and high rollers.

The best feature to its design is the ability to play multiple hands at once and this gives you an advantage over the dealer as he can only play one hand at a time. This gives you a three to one ratio and improved odds.

Verdict & RTP

Being visually appealing and having a smooth gameplay, makes this version of the classic game is a well rounded one.

Other than the classic online blackjack slot, this as the title refers to, gives you multiple hands to play with. Mix that with a very generous RTP of 99.38%, and this Blackjack game is a very solid experience.