Mystery Reels Megaways

Mystery Reels Megaways is a typical slot game which has an authentic pub slot machine type of feel to it. This game is developed by Red Tiger Gaming and it has become a fans favourite in recent months.

In this review, you will learn everything there is to know about the game and what good features it has available. Mystery Reels Megaways has 6 reels and 117,649 ways to win.

Looks and Feel:

Mystery Reels Megaways is a slot game which has turned the heads of millions of slot fans over the past few months and there are various different reasons for this.

The slot itself is a classic slot game which features fruit machines and lots more which is truly heaven for any big slot player!

Mystery Reels Megaways has a great range of features which will all be discussed in this review but to start off with lets go over the looks and feel of the slot and what you can expect from it.

Mystery Reels Megaways is awesome and it is clear to see why it is such a loved slot game.

As you know, the theme is of a classic fruity slot machine game and in my opinion, this is awesome as it shows it is authentic and it also brings back the old school/retro feel.

The main slot can be seen on the center of the homepage and it is decently size meaning that it isn’t too big nor too small.

The title of the slot is situated towards the top of homepage whilst the amount that the user has staked is shown towards the bottom along with the FAQ and T&C’s.

There are dozens of icons on this slot game and they include bells and magnets as well as various fruit icons such as watermelons, grapes, cherries and oranges.

When I first found out that this game was a product of Red Tiger Gaming, I was very excited and this is because Red Tiger Gaming slots are known for being reliable and legitimate as well as having an excellent feel to them.

Mystery Reels Megaways has a terrific feel and from the minute I got onto it I really did have a splendid experience.

One of the best things about the feel on this slot game is the responsiveness which is magnificent and also the images which are of a superior quality.

The sound effects on this slot are another great feature too. The sounds all throughout this slot really do go well with the classic slot game theme and they are also very clear which shows that they are of a high quality.

Overall, the looks and feel on Mystery Reels Megaways are both great and you should definitely take a look at this slot game if both of these features are important to you.

Bonus Features:

Slot games are now known for a variety of things, not only do they pay out big amounts of money but the majority of them now offer bonus features/promotions which new and existing players can take advantage of.

Mystery Reels Megaways has a fairly decent range of bonuses and some of my personal favourites are listed down below.

Jackpot: There is a whopping jackpot of 100,000 coins on Mystery Reels Megaways.

Free Spins: 3 free spins scatter symbols will trigger the free spins feature. The free spins can vary and players can win up to 20 free spins when using this feature.

Avalanche Feature: The avalanche feature will boost the players multiplier by 1x and if the player then lands 3 scatters, they will receive 5 extra free spins.

Return to Player (RTP):

Mystery Reels Megaways has a splendid RTP of 96.18%.


Our review now comes towards a close and we are onto the final part which is the all-important verdict! Overall, Mystery Reels really is a decent slot game which has impressed me quite a lot in all honesty.

The storyline and theme is pretty cool as it is unique and also has a classic feel which makes it fun to play on.

To add to this, the game has a very good RTP and there are lots of bonus features too which really do add to the overall slot experience that this game has to offer.

All in all I am extremely happy with this marvelous slot game and what it has to offer, meaning that I definitely recommend it to anybody who has read this review and is also looking for a reliable and fun slot to enjoy and potentially win big on.