Mystic Wheel Review

Mystic Wheel is a popular online slot game which has 5 reels and 30 paylines.

This spectacular slot first gained recognition when it was released in August 2019.

The minimum bet on this slot game is £0.10 and the maximum bet is £80.

This slot game is a typical slot which is based on a big turning wheel which will pretty much decide how your game will turn out and whether you are going to win big or not!

A simple yet very effective concept of a slot which has infact turned out to be quiet successful in such a short period of time and in this review, you will learn everything about the slot so be sure to stay tuned!

As well as playing this wonderful game from your desktop, there is also a mobile version available which can be used by those who have an Android or iOS mobile phone.

The app is free to download and allows players to play from wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection.

In order to cater for their players, the developers of this slot have ensured that several different payment methods can be used for withdrawing and depositing funds.

Common payment methods on this game include Neteller, Boku, Visa Debit, Maestro, PayPal and MasterCard.

Looks and Feel:

If you have read our slot reviews in the past then I am sure you will already know that the appearance on a slot game is extremely important and there are many reasons for this.

The appearance of a slot pretty much sums up how the slot is going to be and first impressions always mean the most!

All in all, I am more than pleased with how Mystic Wheel looks and I think that the appearance on this game is fabulous.

The classic ‘Mystic Wheel’ is situated on the center of the slot, it is rather large, has handles on either side and looks quite rustic in order to give off the mystic type of theme that this game is based on.

All of the colours that have been used throughout this slot game are all dark and, in my opinion, this certainly enhances the theme of the slot.

The main colours are green and black which all come in different shades however there are hints of dark red and gold too.

This slot has a terrific layout which makes the slot look great and it also allows the player to have an easier and stress free time because it is easy to get around the slot and find all of the tabs that are relevant.

The text all throughout this slot is fairly large which is good because players can notice things without any issues.

The responsiveness on Mystic Wheel is very good and I think it is a top feature which the developers have obviously worked hard on to ensure that it is the best that it can be.

The quality of the graphics is another really good feature which I am impressed with due to how clear and crisp they are.

One thing which stood out to me whilst playing on the Mystic Wheel online slot game was the soundtracks.

All of the soundtracks on this game are all relevant to the slot and the theme of it which is clearly a great advantage to have.

Bonus Features:

When you find a new slot game to play on it can be a very exciting prospect but there is no point on playing on a slot if there aren’t any good bonus features which are available for you to take advantage of!

Bonus features these days are very popular on slot games and more and more slot players are now demanding good bonus features from slots when signing up.

Luckily, the majority of online slots now offer dozens upon dozens of bonus features to their players, including new and also existing players!

Bonus features come in many different forms and there are plenty of these awesome bonuses available on the Mystic Wheel slot game.

Here are some of the most popular bonus features that are available to slot players on Mystic Wheel.

  • Special Feature: The special feature on Mystic Wheel is probably the best feature that is available on this slot game. If you manage to get your hands on the special feature then you could potentially win 77 free spins and £10,000x your stake! To trigger this mind blowing feature, you must land at least 3 bonus symbols on the reels.
  • + sign. The + sign is there to boost multipliers on your next spin. For example, +4 = boosted by x4. +5 = boosted by x5 and +6 = boosted by x6.
  • Jackpot: The jackpot on Mystic Wheel is a whopping 300 coins.

Return to Player (RTP):

Mystic Wheel has an RTP of 96.16%.

About the Developer:

Mystic Wheel has clearly been developed to an exceptional standard and the developers of this awesome slot have obviously played a huge role in making sure that the game is of a top quality in every possible aspect.

The developers of Mystic Wheel are Red Tiger Gaming and we thought it would be great for us to give you some cool facts on the development giants so be sure to take a look at them below.

  • Games developed by RTG can be played in dozens of different countries, including Italy and Turkey.
  • RTG have been established since 2014.
  • RTG won the Casino Supplier of the Year award in February 2019.
  • PaddyPower, PokerStars and William Hill are all partners with Red Tiger Gaming.


Overall, Mystic Wheel is a brilliant online slot game to play on and I am very impressed with it and the awesome features that it has to offer.

This game has massive bonuses and jackpots, the quality of the graphics is excellent and the overall feel is marvelous.

This is one of the best games available to play on at this current time and you should certainly be sure to check it out!