Narcos Review

In May 2019, online gaming giants NetEnt released the highly anticipated Narcos slot game and in this review, we will be providing you with all the best information you need to know about the slot, including the ins and outs as well as what it has to offer! This slot has 243 betways, 5 reels and it can be played on a number of different devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops.

Looks and Feel:

Narcos really is a jam packed slot game which has lots of action and has been compared to the popular video game grand theft auto. This slot is one of a kind and in this review, we shall be covering the most important aspects which you will certainly find interesting.

Due to the fact that there is so much on this game, I thought we would get the most anticipated questions out the way first. These questions are what is the looks and feel on Narcos like?

So during this part of the review, we are going to be providing you with lots of top information on what Narcos feels like when playing on the slot and also what the overall appearance is like, so you know just what to expect upon experiencing it for yourself!

This game has a fantastic appearance and, in my opinion, it looks truly stupendous! In all honesty, it was the look of the slot game that caught my attention and I am sure that you will fall in love with it too!

This is a game that is filled with action and I saw this from the moment I entered the slot. It is set in a busy city which has lots of hustle, along with big buildings, residents, businesses, fast cars and so much more!

The hectic city theme has been demonstrated extremely well and I must admit that the appearance on Narcos is fab! Players act like agents and are set mission which they must complete in order to receive rewards and in my opinion, this is a unique and fun storyline which has clearly caught the attention of millions and I can most definitely see why!

The feel on Narcos is equally as good as the appearance and I cant help but praise the developers of this game because they really have managed to develop a slot game which not only looks good but also runs smoothly and fine too!

In terms of the feel, everything is spot on, from the responsiveness, to the navigation and even the quality of the graphics! I have no issues with this part of the slot at all and I would certainly recommend it to any player who is seeking a good looking slot which also feels great to play on too!

Bonus Features:

Narcos is a NetEnt developed game and if you are familiar with online gaming then you will know how much of a big deal NetEnt are. NetEnt are a world-renowned company who are arguably one of the best gaming developers in the world.

NetEnt are renowned for looking after their players and also creating games that are fabulous to say the least! NetEnt are known for their bonus features and there are dozens of top bonuses on Narcos which you are bound to come across when you begin your epic journey on this awesome slot!

Listed below are some of the best bonus features on the Narcos slot.

Wild Symbols: If the player find 5 wild symbols, they will get a 15x payout.

Free Spins: Free Spins are awarded to players when they land 3 scatters on reels 1,3 or 5 at the same time.

Jackpot: Despite the fact that there isn’t actually a jackpot on Narcos, players can win up to £602,400 when they deposit a stake of £400.

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP on Narcos is 96.23%.


Narcos is an excellent slot game and it is very obvious to see why it has thrived in recent months despite being so new. This game has been developed well, the quality of graphics is excellent, the bonuses are super and the payouts are stupendous!

Overall, I feel that Narcos is a great game and I would certainly recommend it to anybody who is reading this review!