Pirate Gold Review

Pirate Gold is a popular slot game which was released in March 2019 and in this ultra-informative review you will find out all the important information there is to know about this tremendous slot. Pirate Gold has 5 reels, 4 betways and a huge jackpot of over 600000 coins!

Pirate Gold can be played on a variety of devices as long as there is a stable internet connection, these devices include tablets, android phones, iOS phones, desktops and laptops. The minimum amount of money which players can wager on Pirate Gold is £0.40p whilst the maximum amount is £200.

Looks and Feel:

We want to ensure that our slot reviews are as informative as possible and because of this we have decided to include all the top information which we know our players will be keen to read about. So to start off with, lets talk about the feel and the looks of Pirate Gold so that you know just what to expect when you get onto the slot.

As you can probably tell from the name, this slot is based on pirates and it has a similar theme to the hit movie pirates in the Caribbean. Many of the characters on this slot are based off characters from the film and I noticed this straight away as soon as I got onto the slot. The setting is of a deep blue sea with a shipwreck and various different ships as well as relatable icons such as sea creatures, shells, pirate flags and much more!

The appearance on Pirate Gold is actually very good and, in my opinion, it has a great theme which not only looks good but is also very unique too. The characters have been made to a good quality and the resolution on the images is magnificent! The details are great and the characters have certain cool clothing items such as eye patches, pirate hats and swords!

The sound effects are great too and, in my opinion, this really enhanced to the pirate them which in my opinion was fabulous. The sounds were crisp as well as clear and they really did make the slot better!

Pirate Gold feels great to be on and in all honesty, this is one of the main reasons as to why I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing on the slot. As well as having an ultra-smooth feel, the responsiveness also impressed me and I must admit that the overall feel on Pirates Gold certainly enhanced my ratings for this slot!

Bonus Features:

Pirate Gold is a splendid slot game which has caught the eye of many people and the developers of this game have done a top notch job in making sure that this slot has everything it must have in order to please punters.

There are many different ways to please punters but one of the best ways is by offering promotions/bonuses and Pirate Gold have lots of these!

Here are some of the greatest bonus features on Pirate Gold.

Bonus Game: The player will win a free bonus game if they manage to get 3 or more pirate coins.

10,000 Coin Jackpot: This jackpot will be awarded to players when 5 treasure symbols emerge onto the payline.

Free Spins: Pirate Gold players can get free spins if they land 3 scatters on a single spin.

Grand Jackpot: The grand jackpot on Pirate Gold is a whopping £6,454,000!

Return to Player (RTP):

Having a well-developed slot is great but it is even better when you know that there is a chance for you to win big sums of money. Luckily, this is certainly the case for Pirate Gold as this slot has a generous RTP of 96.5%!


Pirate Gold has been a real pleasure to play and reviewing it has been even better! This slot game is absolutely magnificent and I love it! When playing on Pirate Gold you can expect to play on a game which is reliable, safe and has also been developed to a fabulous standard.

Pirate Gold has lots of good features and I would say that if you are looking to play on a reliable slot game which has good graphics, terrific payouts and amazing bonuses then Pirate Gold could certainly be the perfect slot game for you!