Planet of the Apes Review

Planet of the Apes is a Net Entertainment slot which has 20 paylines and 5 reels. This spectacular NetEnt slot was released in 2017 and it is based off the worldwide hit series Planet of the Apes! After the hit series had its fair share of success, the movies were then released.

Rise of the Apes which was released in 2011 and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes which was released in mid-2014. In this splendid review we will give you all the relevant information you need to know about the Planet of the Apes slot. This popular slot is licensed with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Looks & Feel:

As many online slot players are aware of, the appearance and also the feel of a slot game is immensely important and every single day, developers try their very best on both of these features in order to prove to the world that their slot is the best one out there and the looks and feel of their slot is the greatest.

NetEnt have clearly spent a long time on this awesome slot and the looks and feel on the Planet of the Apes slot game really is brilliant.

Due to the fact that this slot game is based on the successful Planet of the Apes film, the creators had to ensure that it looked the part and represented the film. This slot game was highly anticipated and the whole slot game was waiting months for this long awaited slot game to be released, so when it finally was released, everybody went crazy and they were not disappointed!

The appearance really is phenomenal on Planet of the Apes and it really does reflect the world famous film. The homepage features a large image of the main Ape character who has quite a stern and strict look with a grumpy facial expression.

In addition to this, the background of this slot is extremely dark and this gives the well-developed slot a very mysterious type of theme which looks very similar to the actual film.

Overall, I must say that Planet of the Apes is a spectacular looking slot which has a fabulous and catchy look about it which will certainly impress any online slot fan so make sure you give it a go!

Planet of the Apes is a great online slot which looks excellent! This superb slot game has been developed by one of the best slot development companies in the world and this is very clear to see and, in my opinion, it is one of the best developed slots to ever exist.

This wonderful slot has extraordinary graphics and they are clear as well as being of the highest quality. Another awesome feature which impressed me about the Planet of the Apes slot was the responsiveness.

The responsiveness on this lovely slot game is truly epic and I must say it is one of the best slots for responsiveness that if it was not for the tremendous responsiveness, then I would probably not rate this slot so highly.

Bonus Features:

Bonus Features are epic and everybody knows it! These days, online slot players are known to be very demanding and one of the main things which the majority of slot players expect from a slot is a fairly good range of bonus features. We are positive that you will be happy to find out that Planet of the Apes hosts a great range of bonus features on their excellent slot for slot players to take advantage of.

Stacked Wild Feature: This really is one of the best features on this tremendous NetEnt slot. If a rise reel is covered by selected wild symbols, it will then be duplicated in the exact same position on the board.

Scatter Wins: Scatter wins are awesome and they are regarded as a catalyst on this slot. Scatter symbols on this slot will result in a good coin win for the player!

Maximum Win: Planet of the Ape slot players will have the chance to win a brilliant jackpot of £6,000 or 6,000 coins.

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP for Planet of the Apes is 96.33%.

About the Developer:

Planet of the Apes is a terrific video slot which really has captured the attention of plenty of slot players over the past couple of years. Due to the fact that this slot was highly anticipated prior to its release, the developer had to make sure that the slot was the very best it could be and they also had to ensure that it had all the relevant and latest features.

Planet of the Apes slot players were very pleased when this slot was released because it was professionally made and had all the best features which were expected of it.

The developer is NetEnt who are renowned for creating the best online slot and they were first introduced in 1996. The CEO was appointed in 2018 and it was announced that the CEO would be online gaming expert Therese Hillman.


Planet of the Apps slot had very high expectations when NetEnt first announced that they were creating a slot which would be based on the world famous film, however it is fair to say that NetEnt really have managed to pull it out the back as they have done a splendid job on this great slot!

The main theme really is excellent and the fact that it resembles the smash hit film in so many ways really is great and I must say that this slot really brought a smile to my face. The graphics on this unique slot is another lovely feature which in my opinion played a huge part in the slot being so successful.

Overall, I must say that Planet of the Apes is a terrific slot game which certainly lived up to its hype and expectation, so if you are looking to play on a reliable and well-established slot which has a brilliant choice of features and has also been developed to a very high standard then make sure you give Planet of the Apes a go!


How many paylines does Planet of the Apes have? This slot features 20 paylines.

Does Planet of the Apes have a jackpot? Yes, the jackpot in this slot is £6,000 or 6,000 coins.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit on this slot? The minimum amount you can deposit on Planet of the Apes is £0.20p.