Plucky Pirates

Welcome to another great slot review and in this review, we will be covering the Plucky Pirates online slot game by Nektan.

Plucky Pirates is a pirate themed slot which has 5 reels and 9 paylines. It is a well designed game with a unique which has caught the attention of lots of slot players in such a short period of time.

Players can bet from a minimum of £0.01 on Plucky Pirates whilst the maximum amount is £9.00.

This game has various different features, big money bonuses and it will guarantee a fun time for sure.

This review will provide you with all the relevant information that is needed so be sure to take it in and enjoy!

Looks and Feel:

Created in 2014 by gaming giants Nektan, Plucky Pirates has gone on to become one of the most popular slot games in the industry and it really is growing by the day!

Plucky Pirates features great bonuses, awesome promotions and so much more which make it a slot to truly love.

Further on in the review we shall be covering some of the best features that this game has but for now lets talk about how the slot looks and how if feels to be on it too.

So as you know, this is a pirate themed slot and I must admit that it caught my attention immediately.

Due to the fact that pirate themed slots aren’t that common, I was expecting Nektan to pull it out the bag and produce a world-class game and it is fair to say that they certainly have!

The pirate theme is absolutely fabulous and I have to say that it looks great! The main character is of a pirate which was expected and he has a very typical pirate look about him as he has an eye patch, hat, crooked teeth, beard and a hook!

The background is of a beach which has clear blue seas as well as sand and a glaring sun which gives off a relaxing look to the slot. In addition to this, palm trees are placed throughout various places on the homepage too.

The feel on Plucky Pirates is marvelous, it is smooth and playing on the slot itself feels great! To make things even better, I felt at ease when I was scrolling through various different tabs because the responsiveness is very quick!

The soundtrack on this slot works very well with the pirate theme in my opinion and I think that it is certainly one of the best features that this slot has! The quality of the animations and images is fabulous too as they are clear and also crisp!

All in all, I am very happy with how Plucky Pirates looks, the appearance on a slot is essential for me and I am very glad that this game looks the part!

The feel is also immense and it really does make the slot so much better! Be sure to check it out!

Bonus Features:

As you know, Plucky Pirates is a Nektan slot game and because of this the expectations were very high for the slot to be of top quality.

In order to impress their players and offer incentives which will assist the player in their overall game, Plucky Pirates have decided to offer some top bonuses which are truly awesome.

We know that our players love to win lots of money and we also know that bonus features can help very much so we have decided to list some of the most popular bonuses that are available on Plucky Pirates down below.

  • Red Bearded Pirate Icon: If the player manages to get the red bearded pirate icon, they will get a 300x payout.
  • Cannon Symbol: 3 cannon symbols will gift the player with a free round of games. This is a very handy bonus feature so be sure to look out for it.
  • Green Parrot Icon: This icon will substitute for any other icons that are less valuable and it will also save all of the scatter icons too.

Return to Player (RTP):

As I am sure you are already aware of, the main aim of a slot game for any player is to not only have lots of fun but also to win big amounts of money too!

Winning big money is a must for pretty much every player and because of this the RTP is very important.

Nowadays, the vast majority of top casinos tend to have good RTP’s because they know that their players want to win good amounts of money.

Nektan are a world-renowned company who are known for lots of things and they are also known for paying out decent amounts to their players and I am sure you will be glad to find out that the RTP on Plucky Pirates is 96.34%.

About the Developer:

Plucky Pirates is a wonderful slot with lots of terrific features and because of this we feel that it is only right to dedicate this part of the page on the developer who has really down a marvelous job on Plucky Pirates.

Here are some facts about Nektan.

  • The Nektan headquarters is in Gibraltar.
  • The company was created in 2011.
  • In 2018, Lucy Buckley was appointed as the CEO of the company.
  • Richard Sagman is the founder of Nektan.
  • Nektan holds licenses with both the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.


Overall, Plucky Pirates is a world-class slot which I think is truly amazing. This game is one of Nektan’s best creations and it consists of dozens of fabulous features which really have impressed millions of people all around the world.

Plucky Pirates has a high RTP, lots of cool bonuses, promotions, jackpots and much more!

The graphical quality on this game is very high and, in my opinion, it looks awesome as well as the overall theme which is eye catching to say the least!

Plucky Pirates really is wonderful and you must give it a try as soon as possible!