Punto Banco Review

In this slot review we will be giving you all the best information on one of the best slot games available to play on in 2019.

Punto Banco is a wonderful slot which was released in 2017 by online gaming development pioneers iSoftBet who are renowned for their awesome slots.

This game has a brilliant RTP, huge jackpots and lots of cool bonuses which you will learn about on this informative review.

So sit back, take in all the information that we are about to provide you with and simply enjoy!

Looks and Feel:

Punto Banco is a simple slot game which is based on a basic casino. The main setting is a classic poker table which is positioned in quite a large format towards the center of the page and the theme that the developer is trying to portray really does work great with the overall slot.

This is a very simple game but it is also very effective and this is one of the reasons as to why it has become such a popular game amongst slot players in a fairly short space of time!

During this part of the slot review we will be giving you some cool info on how Punto Banco feels and looks.

The table changes colour all throughout the game and in my opinion, this is quite good as it shows that the developers have put thought into how they can make the slot different. Common table colours on Punto Banco include Red, Green and Blue.

The graphics are super cool on Punto Banco, the chips on the casino table look very realistic as well as the cards and other features which are on the game. The overall quality of the slot in terms of the graphics is fabulous and it is certainly one of the best features about this iSoftBet slot game.

Even though the appearance on a slot game is immensely important, another feature which is also very important has to be the feel and it is fair to say that Punto Banco feels absolutely magnificent!

Moving around this slot to get to various different tabs is awesome, it is fast as well as smooth and easy to do so.

The responsiveness on Punto Banco is for sure a great quality that the slot has because it is above average in terms of how quick it is and how well the slot responds to players commands.

Bonus Features:

Punto Banco is a very popular slot game which has now become one of the top games to look out for in 2019.

This game has plenty of awesome features and so much going for it to make a super slot to play on.

As you already know, Punto Banco is a popular game which was developed by well-known developers who are highly regarded in the slots industry and because of this the majority of people expected lots of bonuses and I am glad to inform you that this game has exactly that!

There are lots of features and dozens of bonuses that this game has to offer and in order for you to give you a brief insight on what to expect, we have listed some of the top bonus features on Punto Banco down below.

The Third Card: With this feature, if the player gets a score of 6 or below on their third card they will not have any say in terms of the distribution of cards and no more cards shall be dealt.

The Banker: The Banker is a very important on Punto Banco and he can determine your potential wealth very quickly.

The Banker will constantly display offers and bonuses with various different card values in order to help or not help you, so be sure to choose wisely and take note of what he has to offer.

Card Ranges: On Punto Banco there are various different cards and we are here to explain their values to you.

Cards that range from 2-9 are represented by the number they are in terms of the value. Ace Cards are worth 1 and Cards such as Kings, Jacks and Queens are valued at 0.

Return to Player (RTP):

We want our players to have the best possible time when playing on slot games that we recommend and because of this we only aim to provide you with top information on the very best slot games that are available for you to play on.

Due to the fact that we want our readers to have a great game on their slots, we also want them to win big amounts of money too and because of this we will only promote slots that have good RTP’s!

I am sure that you will be glad to find out that Punto Banco has a generous RTP of 98.96% which means you could certainly leave the slot with your pockets very full!

About the Developer:

Punto Banco really is a glorious slot game and I can tell that it has been developed very well in a brilliant way which not only makes it look professional but also makes it run stupendously!

Punto Banco is an iSoftBet slot game and we have listed some cool facts about the development giants down below, so be sure to take a look!

  • The iSoftBet headquarters is in London.
  • Punto Banco is regulated in over 16 different markets, some of which include Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Latvia.
  • Lee Mccreery is the games development analysis for iSoftBet.


Our review has now come to a close but before we finish off, it is time to go through the verdict.

All in all, Punto Banco is a brilliant slot game which is definitely one of the best games available to play on at this current time. Punto Banco has so many great features and different elements which make it a truly spectacular slot.

This game has boastful bonuses, plenty of promotions, tremendous payout rates and much more so make sure you give it a go!