Rainbow Jackpots Review

In this review we will be covering the highly anticipated Rainbow Jackpots online slot game.

This funky slot game is a Red Tiger developed game and it has been around since September 2017.

By the end of this review you will know about the latest offers that this slot has available, why you should play on it and how to win big so sit back and enjoy!

Having been around for over 2 years now, Rainbow Jackpots is fairly well-known and it is was one of the most played slot games in 2018.

New promotions are being released and there are various reasons as to why you should spend your time/money on this slot and we are here to go through them!

Rainbow Jackpots is well-known for its promotions and also the high payouts is has to offer.

This game has 20 paylines and 5 reels. The slot can be played on several different devices and the only requirement is that the player must have a stable internet connection.

You can play on Rainbow Jackpots from your mobile phone via the app if you prefer the convenience of playing whilst on the go.

Alternatively you can opt to play from your tablet or even your laptop/computer from the web browser if you prefer it that way.

The Rainbow Jackpots online slot game can be played in various different countries, including the common European ones such as France, Germany and Spain. In addition to this, you can play this game from Japan, India, Finland and Ukraine too.

Looks and Feel:

Rainbow Jackpot is an Irish themed slot game which is based on a mysterious Leprechaun who is on a few missions and the role of the player is to assist the Leprechaun with his missions whilst also collecting relevant icons and symbols in order to win big!

Due to the fact that the Irish Leprechaun theme is not very common on slot games, I was looking forward to seeing what the appearance of this slot would be like and I have to admit that I was more than impressed!

Here are my thoughts on how Rainbow Jackpot looks and what I think about the appearance of it.

So as soon as I got onto the slot it didn’t take me long at all to notice the Irish theme which is clearly displayed via the green and yellow colours which demonstrate the theme nicely.

The main leprechaun is dressed in a typical green outfit and in addition to this he has a ginger beard and a top hat too!

The background is very light, there are blue skies, grassy hills and also colorful rainbows which look great!

There are golden pots all throughout the slot too which are full of coins that are available for the player to collect.

There are various different icons on the Rainbow Jackpots slot game, they all stand for different things and can help the players in many different ways.

Common icons include the golden clover, jackpot pots, top hats and also golden coins.

The feel on Rainbow Jackpots really is quite good and there are various different reasons why I am impressed with it.

The first thing which struck me was the graphics which are clearly of a high quality. Both animations and images look fantastic which is great to see on the slot.

Navigation on a slot game is something which I always class as important and because of that I was happy when I found out that navigating on this slot is great because of the ease and smoothness of it!

In addition to this, I was more than pleased with the quality of the responsiveness which was great and certainly impacted the slot in a positive manner.

Bonus Features:

When it comes to developing a top online slot game there are lots of things which developers must take into consideration in order to ensure that their slot will satisfy all types of players.

Slot players want to make sure that they are playing on the very best slot and a one of the best things to take advantage of is bonus features!

Bonus Features can come in various different forms and they are known to be very helpful!

There is a decent range of bonus features on Rainbow Jackpots and we have listed a couple of favourites down below.

  • Free Spins Round: Players will be able to activate the free spins round if they spin a minimum of 3 or more golden coin pot symbols.
  • 480x Bet: You can receive up to 480x of you original bet if you land 5 wild symbols.
  • Instant Win: In order to get an instant win, players will need to activate the beer bonus round which can be activated if the player receives at least 3 beer symbols.

Return to Player (RTP):

The Rainbow Jackpots online slot game has plenty of top quality features which have made it a world-renowned slot game and we have covered all of these top features in this very informative review.

Having great features is brilliant and having a high RTP is another great feature which plenty of slot players look out for when joining a new slot game and luckily Rainbow Jackpot does have that!

The RTP on Rainbow Jackpot is 95.16%.

About the Developer:

As you already know, the developer of Rainbow Jackpots is Red Tiger Gaming, a world renowned company who are regarded as true giants in the online slot industry.

Here are some top facts about Red Tiger Gaming which we know you are bound to find interesting!

  • Red Tiger Gaming is commonly referred to as ‘RTG’.
  • The Red Tiger Gaming company was established in 2014.
  • Many top awards have been won by RTG, including the One to Watch Supplier Award in 2018.
  • William Hill and PaddyPower are official partners with RTG.


Overall, Rainbow Jackpots is a superb online slot game which has excelled majorly in recent months and I know for sure that it is certainly only going to excel even more!

This slot is a slot that has everything which you would require from a top slot game.

With Rainbow Jackpots, you can expect plenty of fun and huge sums of money to be won too!

The unique theme on this slot is awesome and I am a big fan of it! The colours look great and they work well with the theme!

The graphical quality is incredible too and I think this really does enhance the slot for the better which is obviously great to see.

All in all, the Rainbow Jackpots online slot game is magnificent, it has a huge array of top features and if you are looking for an excellent slot experience then be sure to check out this magnificent RTG slot!