Rhino Mite

Rhino Mite is a well-developed online slot game which has 5 reels, 10 paylines and 3 rows.

Rhino Mite was released by well-known online gaming platform Rapid Games and it has become one of the most popular online slot games amongst slot players over the past few years.

This game has a great reputation due to the awesome range of features and bonuses it has available for players.

Due to the fact that this slot game has been around for a few years, it is quite well-known and, in this review, we will be giving you as much information about the game as possible.

Looks & Feel:

The world of online gaming is always growing and every single day there are new games which are being released.

Due to the fact that the industry of online gaming is absolutely there are various different types of games which are now available for punters to play on, with one of the most popular types of games being slot games.

When it comes to slot games there are many things which are important however 2 of the main things which always have to be good are the looks and feel.

I am very pleased to inform you that the looks and feel on the Rhino Mite slot are absolutely superb and I was more than impressed.

So in terms of the looks, Rhino Mite is fantastic and it looks great. Not only does the slot game look very unique, it also clearly displays the theme of animals and more importantly the Rhinos!

Various different colours are used throughout this slot game and the majority of these colours are bright and eye catching which really does give the slot a good look. The colours used include green, yellow, blue and pink.

The feel on Rhino Mite is excellent and I really cant complain. Navigation on this slot game is very easy and it feels great when doing so.

In addition to this the responsiveness is immensely fast which means that players don’t have to wait around for a long period of time for their desired page to open. Getting around the site is also quite good as everything is situated in places which are easy to access.

Bonus Features:

Playing on slot games is terrific and it really can be a cool experience however one of the best things about playing on slots is the marvelous bonuses that come with it and you will certainly be glad to find out that Rhino Mite offer an excellent range of bonus features for their customers to take advantage of.

Free Spins: If you are familiar with online gaming you will know how important free spins are to slot players and you will be glad to find out that Rhino Mite has a fabulous range of free spins available to their players. Free spins are triggered by the player landing 3, 4 or 5 drum symbols.


The Rhino Mite slot game has an RTP of 97.3%


Overall, Rhino Mite really is a tremendous online casino game which is by far one of the best games I have come across this year.

This game is very well developed and has lots of awesome features. The responsiveness is fast, the layout is basic yet effective and there are lots of cool bonuses available for players to take advantage of.

In addition to this, the game is very fun and you are bound to have a splendid time when playing on it.

So if you are looking to play on a well-developed slot game which has lots of top features and also pays out big sums of money then be sure to check out the Rhino Mite slot.