Roulette Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Online Roulette Review, RTP & Free Play

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games both online and in Brick and Mortar casinos. Roulette is an excellent table game that you can have a lot of fun playing and win money in numerous ways. There are different types of roulette you can play; different countries have different roulette rules. As well as there being different forms of Roulette, you can also play Roulette live. There are different roulette options. In this instance, Roulette is not live, and it is computerised.

How to Play:

Roulette is not a complicated game to understand, unless you make it complicated. It is very simple to get the grasp of playing roulette. The idea is to keep it plain and simple to start with and then as you become more comfortable with the board, you can begin placing more types of bets until you understand the concept of the whole table.

On this online roulette, you will be shown a roulette wheel and a roulette board. You place your bets on the roulette board and then when you are satisfied with the bets that you have placed, you then press the spin button and the ball will spin around the roulette wheel, landing on a number. If the number that the ball lands on creates a win for the type of bet that you have placed, then you will receive your bonus funds accordingly. If the bet you have placed is not successful, then all of the losing bets are cleared, and you can start betting again for the next spin.

Roulette Bets:

Below, you can see the different types of bets that you can place in roulette. As mentioned earlier, stick to the betting types that you are comfortable with and then begin trying new forms of betting. Here are some of the simple bets that you can place.

  • Even Money Bets: The even money bets are the 2/1 odds bets. There are a few different things that you can predict and select in this instance. These include: Red or Black, Odd or Even, 1-18 or 19-36.
  • Thirds: This betting type allows you to bet on the groups of 12. You can bet on the first group, which is 1-12, you can bet on the second group, which is 13-24, or the third group, which is 25-36.
  • Numbers: This can be quite a difficult one to predict and then requires you to place multiple bets. You predict the number that the ball will land on 0-36. Therefore, you will want to predict quite a few numbers in the same spin.
  • Splits: Placing a chip on the line between 2 numbers will split the bet, so the value of the chip is halved for each number, so you are covering both numbers.

There are different Roulette Strategies that you can consider in order to try and beat the system and win some sort of money. However, at the end of the day every spin is unpredictable and is all based on probability, there is no definite winning strategy or way of winning. However, if you did want to consider some roulette strategies that you think might help, then you can look at these strategies: Martingale, James Bond, Fibonacci, D’Alembert.

European Roulette RTP:

The Standard RTP for European roulette is 97.30%. This is a respectable figure and is the average of most online roulette games.


Roulette is a very fun and interactive online casino game. Customers can wager such little amounts and also high amounts if they wish, which shows that it is a game for both penny punters and also big stakes. Due to the different betting types that you can place, there is opportunity to win big. In some games, you have to bet big to win big. However, with online roulette, you can bet big to win big, but you can also bet s all and still win big sometimes. For example, if you bet on the correct number, you can win 36x your betting stake.