Secrets of Christmas Review

In November 2016, NetEnt decided to release an impressive slot game which would turn out to be one of the very best Christmas themed slots to ever exist!

Secrets of Christmas is an awesome online slot game which has a large variety of features such as free spins, reels and multipliers as well as a big jackpot!

As you would guess from the name, this NetEnt slot is based on the lovely occasion of Christmas and it is a game that not only slot players but also Christmas enthusiasts love to play!

In this well developed review, we will be giving you all the information you need to know about this fabulous Christmas themed slot and what to look out for whilst playing.

Looks & Feel:

If you are a frequent player of slot games then you will know that there are lots of important features which players take into consideration, however 2 of the most important features are the looks and feel.

The vast majority of slot players usually look out for the looks and feel when they are playing on a totally new slot and we are here to reassure you that you won’t be let down on Secrets of Christmas in that area because NetEnt have done a fabulous job on making sure that the looks and feel on this slot are both exceptional.

As I’m sure you would expect, the whole theme on this epic slot game is Christmas themed and this is obvious to see right from the start. If you were expecting an escape from reality then you will not feel let down as this slot is a total get-away from your everyday life and once you get onto this site, you will be diving into a brand new world full of bright lights, snow, presents, Christmas trees and much more!

Once you enter the slot, you will be able to see so many Christmas themed features and the background is also very Christmassy, with the winter type theme and reindeers as well as certain symbols such as the milk & cookies which automatically give the player a Christmas feel to get them in the mood.

As well as having a magnificent appearance, the feel of this slot is really great too and I had a superb time whilst on this slot due to the feel. Navigation was awesome and felt fun to do rather tan being a chore. I was also very impressed with the graphics and the quality of them as they really are splendid!

So overall, I would say that if you are looking to play on a unique slot game which has high quality graphics and is easy to get around on then Secrets of Christmas may well be the slot for you!

Bonus Features:

Bonus Features really are very important and if you play on slot games then you will know this for sure. NetEnt are one of the best developers in the world and they are known for providing a good range of excellent features on their games, with bonus features being one of the main ones!

The bonus features on Secrets of Christmas are fabulous and they all come in various different shapes and sizes as well as offering different bonuses to the player.

Scatter Symbols – This well-developed slot game will first greet the player with scatter symbols and these symbols will eventually activate the free spins feature, so make sure you look out for the scatter symbols as they could prove to be very important!

Free Spins – Free Spins are all over this game and they are not hard to find but before you use them you may decide to choose some of the most important bonus features. These include, multipliers, wild symbols, more free spins and also wild reels.

Return to Player (RTP):

As you probably know, the RTP is a very important feature for any slot players and Secrets of Christmas players will be pleased to know that this slot has an RTP of 96.72%.

About the Developer:

Secrets of Christmas is a NetEnt slot and when this slot was released in November 2016, the majority of slot players were very surprised that it was a Christmas themed slot because NetEnt aren’t really known for developing Christmas themed slot.

Despite the critics underestimating this slot before it even got released, NetEnt managed to prove everybody wrong when it was released and soon enough, they were getting the credit they deserved because this slot is truly developed extremely well and it is obvious to see.

As you know, the developer is NetEnt, and they have been in this industry for well over 15 years, having won countless awards and gaining lots of credit and recognition in this time too.

NetEnt really are a well-established company who are renowned all over the world for developing the very best online slots, so make sure that you go for a NetEnt developed slot when you decide you want to try your luck on a slot game.

As well as offering games which have terrific quality in terms of graphics, NetEnt slots are also known for offering plenty of top features such as high jackpots and good RTP ratios.


When I first got told about this slot game, I really was not expecting much however as soon as I got onto it, I was seriously shocked and very surprised!

Secrets of Christmas is a magnificent slot game which has so many awesome features which have not only impressed me but also thousands of slot players all over the globe.

One of the first things that caught my eye was the joyful Christmas theme and how well-detailed and developed it is. The details are very obvious and the graphics are also extremely clear and they are of the very high quality.

Bonus features is another great feature on Secrets of Christmas and you will come across quite a lot of bonus features when you are on this slot game, so make sure you take advantage of as many as you can!