Showdown Saloon Review

In December 2018, world-renowned gaming developers Fortune Factory Studios announced the launch of Showdown Saloon.

This is a cowboy themed slot which consists of dozens of marvelous features which have made it a splendid slot to play on.

In this review we will be covering everything there is to know about the slot whilst also informing you on the great reasons why you must play on it!

Showdown Saloon is a game which has been put together quite well and it has 15 paylines and 5 reels. Showdown Saloon is a slot which can be played on quite a few different devices and it runs on both the Android and iOS platform.

 Common devices that are compatible with Showdown Saloon include HTC smartphones, iPhones, Samsung and Blackberry. As well as mobile phones, this slot can also be played on through a laptop/computer too.

This Fortune Factory developed game can be played on a number of different platforms, with the most popular ones including Android and iOS. The supported browsers which are compatible with this slot include firefox, chrome, safari and internet explorer.

With convenience being an important point these days that so many players require, slot developers try their hardest to ensure that their slots are as convenient to play on as possible and one of the best ways to do this is by developing a mobile app which can be played on by players wherever they are in the world! The Showdown Saloon mobile phone app is free to download, and it is certainly convenient and handy to play on!

If you would prefer not to download the mobile phone app of this slot game then you can always opt for the alternative which is to play via the browser. This is a common way of playing because you can play on it from your phone, tablet, computer or laptop and it wont take up much storage unlike the mobile app which is renowned for doing just that.

Looks and Feel:

Showdown Saloon is a Fortune Factory Studios slot which has several great features which we will be informing you about on this review but first of all we will be covering the looks and feel of this cowboy themed game, both of which we think are very important!

So as you know, this is a game which is so well-developed and there are plenty of awesome features including the appearance which is one of my favourite things!

When you first get onto the slot you will notice the Indiana jones type of theme, with guns, royal writing and a desert background which looks absolutely immense!

Some of the most common colours on this game include gold, brown, yellow and red. The main character is a typical cowboy looking type of guy who has a chiseled face, top hat and guns by his side.

The main icons on this slot are guns, card and cowboys, all of these icons represent different things and they can assist the player in winning large. There are lots of images/animations on this slot too which you are bound to come across when playing on it!

In terms of the layout on showdown saloon, I have to say that there are lots positives and, in my opinion, it has everything that is needed to be classed as a top layout!

The main slot is displayed clearly in the center of the page, the amount of credits that the player has remaining can be seen on the bottom left corner and information in regards to getting in contact with the slot and how to pay can be found at the bottom of the main page.

If you are familiar with online slot games then I am pretty sure that you know how important the overall feel is and I can honestly say that Showdown Saloon has a fabulous feel which makes it one of the best feeling slot games available to play on in 2019!

Not only is it simple to navigate around this slot, the overall feeling of it is extremely smooth and in addition to this the responsiveness is fabulous too! The animations and images on this super slot are of a brilliant quality and all in all I must say that I am more than happy with the looks and feel on Showdown Saloon.

Bonus Features:

Showdown Saloon really is a spectacular slot which has dozens of top features and one of the main reasons why it has excelled largely is because of how popular it is amongst slot players.

In order to attract slot players to try out this slot, the developers have offered lots of bonus features and we have decided to list a few of the most popular ones down below.

Jackpot: There is a jackpot of 1000 coins on Showdown Saloon.

Respins: The respin feature will be triggered when the player lands full matching symbol stacks.

Free Spins: Players can get free spins when they get 3 or more stacks on reels 4, 3, 5 or 1.

Return to Player (RTP):

When playing on an online slot game, there are many things that players look for however winning big amounts of money is one of the most important things and luckily for you, players on Showdown Saloon have a fantastic chance of winning big money on this game!

The overall RTP on Showdown Saloon is 96.58%.

About the Developer:

  • Fortune Factory Studios games are available in more than 20 countries.
  • The development company was established in 2018.
  • In December 2018, it was announced that Showdown Saloon were name in the list of the top 40 gaming developers.
  • Games developed by Fortune Factory Studios can be played in China and Germany.


Showdown Saloon is a tremendous slot game which I really do love and you must play on it! Be sure to check out Showdown Saloon if you are looking to play on a slot game which is extremely fun to play, has cool jackpots and can make you very rich!