Siberian Storm Dual Play Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Siberian Storm Dual Play Review:

Siberian Storm Dual Play is an online video slots game with five reels and more than a thousand ways to win.  The game was developed by IGT and has become one of the most popular high stakes online slots games.

It can be played on both smartphones and computers, both for free and using real money. It has a free spin feature that can award players with as many as 480 free spins. The wilds of Siberian Storm Dual Play can be stacked for greater rewards.

The game’s theme is centred on Northern Russia, with its great, frozen tundra’s. The art is fairly decent and the theme is unique enough to make slots gaming feel new and fresh.

Looks & Feel:

Siberian Storm Dual Play has a progressive jackpot. The background shows an icy landscape and two Siberian tigers seem to guard the reels. The symbols used in the game match the theme perfectly, and aside from the two tigers, there are fossils containing various gems and even a tiger’s eye.

There is also a unique aspect of the game in which the players have the option to play with two machines. This can possibly double all of your wins, although it also raises the stakes for each spin.

The reel in the centre is connected to the two machines. The lower halves of the reels become quite important as soon as you begin to double up the stakes.

Rather than the traditional combos on the paylines, the game will be looking for combinations on the reels adjacent. If you land combos on the third reel, the game will add ten wilds to the reels on the top and bottom reels.

Bonus Features:

Players looking for high stakes will be happy with the games dual play feature, which essentially doubles the wage of each spin.

Siberian Storm Dual Play also has a free spins bonus.  This is triggered when five bonus symbols are landed. This gives the player eight free spins. You can get up to 160 free spins.

The best thing about the free spins bonus is all the extra wilds that are created. It really depends on how the bonus symbols are landed, but it is possible to get up to 480 free spins.

Siberian Storm Dual Play RTP:

Players looking to play for profit are often interested in knowing the RTP of the games they play. The RTP, or Return to Player, of Siberian Storm Dual Play is 95.4%. This is around the average RTP for an online slots game.


While Siberian Storm Dual Play may not have mind-blowing visual effects, it offers enough variance to keep hardcore high stakes gamers hooked. The game’s mechanics are amazing, but the best thing is how rewarding the free spins feature is. With all of the free spins players can earn, it has become a favourite for many online casino game players.