Tahiti Gold Review

Tahiti Gold is a popular online slot game which was released in June 2019 by ELK Studios and in this review, we will be covering all the important information and facts you need to know about the game before playing on it!

This slot has been getting huge amounts of attention over the past few months and because of this we though that it would only be right to review it! Tahiti Gold has 6 reels and 4096 ways for players to win.

Players can wager from a minimum amount of £0.20p per spin on this game, the maximum amount that you can win on Tahiti Gold is 500000 coins.

Tahiti Gold can be played on both Android and iOS devices, including Samsung mobile phones and iPads.

The Tahiti Gold online slot game can be played in various different countries around the world.

Some of the most popular countries that this game can be played on include Netherlands, Japan, India, Greece and Norway.

Nowadays, slot players use many different browsers to play on slot games and luckily for players of Tahiti Gold, this game can be played on a good variety of browsers such as firefox, internet explorer, chrome and safari.

Looks and Feel:

This is a mysterious themed online slot game which is based on a hidden island. During your time on this cool island, you will need to match the relevant symbols whilst doing various other things in order to win!

Playing on the Tahiti Gold slot is great but one of the top reasons as to why it has done so well recently is because of how many people love the appearance of it.

Tahiti Gold looks fabulous and the appearance of this game is certainly one of the best features by far!

As you already know, this game is set in a magical island which is jam packed with palm trees, blue waters/skies, sunshine and tropical animals.

There are many exotic colours on this slot and I think that this makes the slot so much better because it become eye catching also very different too.

There are so many bright colours throughout this slot, such as green, yellow, blue, red, orange and purple.

The layout on this game is absolutely splendid and it makes the slot look neat as well as tidy.

All of the tabs which are important are placed in places that are easy to access and the text/images are of a good size.

Not only is Tahiti Gold a very well-developed slot that looks awesome, it is a game which also feels immense to play!

The overall feel is tremendous and it certainly makes the slot better in many different ways.

One of the first things which struck me in terms of the feel on this slot was the navigation, it is something which is smooth and also feels easy to move around on.

As well as the marvelous feel, the responsiveness is also great, it is superbly fast and this has had a huge impact on players who find it better to play on.

Bonus features:

There are dozens of great things which can come out of playing on online slot games and if you a regular slot player then I am sure that you already know this.

These days, slot developers try their very best to make sure that their slots have pretty much everything that slot players seek in order to please them and also make them want to play more on the slot.

One of the main things which you can expect to find on all top slots these days is bonuses. Bonuses come in various different shapes and sizes and they are all different!

Tahiti Gold is a game which has attracted hundreds and thousands of slot players over the past several months and because of this the developers have had to ensure that there are a good range of bonus features on it.

Check out our short list below of the best bonus features on Tahiti Gold.

  • Wild Symbol: The wild symbol on Tahiti Gold will replace any other symbol that is worth less than the wild to give the player an increased chance of winning big money.
  • Big Winnings: Players can win up to £500,000 on this slot game.
  • Free Spins: Simply land on the correct reels to be gifted with a fab amount of free spins.

Return to Player:

When slot players head onto a new slot, there are many things that are on their mind however leaving the slot with lots of money is certainly one of the main ones!

These days, winning large on slots is not as hard as it sounds and it is certainly made easier when you play on a slot which has a good RTP.

Luckily for you, the Tahiti Gold on slot game has a marvelous RTP of 96.1% which means you may well win a great deal of money when playing on the slot!

About the Developer:

As you have already been told, Tahiti Gold is a game which is developed very well and the developer has managed to include many great features which make the slot standout!

The developer of Tahiti Gold is ELK Studios, a popular gaming development company who are well-established in the industry.

W have listed a few interesting facts about ELK Studios down below so be sure to take a look at them.

  • The ELK Studios headquarters is in Sweden.
  • ELK Studios was founded in 2012.
  • As of 2019, the company have developed over 30 slot games.
  • Games developed by ELK Studios can be played in Denmark, Hungary and Turkey.


We have now come to the end of this review and it is now time to give you a brief summary of the slot on this verdict.

Tahiti Gold is a great slot game, it is a game which has been developed really well and it has lots of tremendous features which make it stand out from the majority of slots in the industry.

If you are looking for a game which looks good, runs smoothly, pays well and can provide tons of fun then be sure to try your luck on Tahiti Gold!