The Greatest Train Robbery Review

The Greatest Train Robbery is a Red Tiger developed slot game which has 40 paylines and 5 reels.

This game was created in 2019 and within such a short space of time it has become one of the most played slot games in 2019.

The coin range on this game is £0.02-£40 and it is a slot which is known for its big jackpots and bonuses, all of which you will learn about on this review.

Looks and Feel:

As you can probably tell from the title of the slot, this game is about a train robbery and not any ordinary train robbery!

There are a group of friends who are planning to hijack a train in order to make it the greatest train robbery in history and the players job is to assist them in carrying out this mission successfully.

This is a robbery and crime inspire slot game which really is one of a kind, infact it is a very unique theme for Red Tiger Gaming as they do not usually create games like this one.

So lets talk about how this slot game looks. The first thing which you will notice upon entering this slot is the gigantic train which the main characters are planning to hijack. The train can be seen travelling along the railways in a retro/sandy looking scenery.

The background is very unusual and the colours used are quite neutral, they include gold and brown however various other colours can be seen on the icons too.

In terms of the layout, the amount that the user has staked can be seen on the bottom left corner of the slot, the refresh button is on the bottom right corner, the title is on the center and various other tabs such as the volume and help can be found towards the top of the slot.

Now onto the overall feel! The Greatest Train Robbery really does feel amazing and I was very pleased when I first went onto the slot and realized how good it actually felt to be on it. The first thing which struck me was the responsiveness which I must admit was immensely quick!

In addition to this, the slot did not freeze at any point and I did not have to go off the page or refresh it which is obviously great meaning that there are no complaints in that department.

Bonus Features:

Red Tiger Gaming are a renowned company and they are well-known for offering lots of cool features on their slot games.

The Greatest Train Robbery is a super game which really has been put together very well and there are many promotions which you can take advantage of when playing on it.

We aim to always be as helpful as possible and because of this we have decided to form a short list which states some of the very best bonuses which you can use when playing on the Greatest Train Robbery online slot game.

Respin Feature: 1 or 2 reels will reward the player with a brand new winning combo.

Mystery Symbol Feature: Smoke from the train shall spread across the reels with this symbol and when it clears the player will receive new symbols which will give them a winning combination.

Free Spins: Free Spins on The Greatest Train Robbery slot are fabulous, they are easy to get hold of and they are also very helpful too! Simply play on the game for as much as possible and you are bound to get hold of some of these awesome spins!

Return to Player (RTP):

As you probably already know, the industry of online gambling is huge at this current time and there are many different elements to it with slot games being one of the most popular types of games in the online betting industry.

Due to the fact that there are thousands of top slots out there, it can be hard for players to choose which slot they want to bet with and because of this many players tend to go for the slots that have a large RTP.

With the RTP being a very important factor in the decision making process for a slot player upon joining a new slot, I am very pleased to inform you that The Greatest Train Robbery has a fabulous RTP of 96.9%.

About the Developer:

Here at Slotsino we only want the very best for our readers and because of this we regard the developers of the slots that we recommend as extremely important.

The developers play a massive role in how the slot turns out and they are the reason for it performing well, looking good and responding to the players commands properly.

During this part of the review we will be giving you some cool information on the developer of The Greatest Train Robbery.

  • Red Tiger Gaming is the developer of The Greatest Train Robbery Online Slot Game.
  • In 2014, Red Tiger Gaming was established as an official company.
  • Slot games developed by Red Tiger Gaming accept various different payment methods, some of which include E-wallets, Debit Cards and Credit Cards.
  • Red Tiger Gaming slots can be played on many different devices with some of the most popular ones including iPhones, Android phones, tablets and also Laptops.
  • The average RTP for RTG slot games is usually 96.11%.


We hope this review has been helpful as we have now finally come to the verdict. So to sum up this slot game, the greatest train robbery is a unique slot game with a top storyline and lots of cool features which really is one of its kind!

The Greatest Train Robbery offers a fabulous range of features and promotions which are very helpful, in addition to this the payout ratio is fairly large and this game has clearly been put together very well to a high standard so be sure to play on it as you could certainly win big whilst having some jolly fun!