Tiki Vikings Review

In this review we will be giving you all the best information on the Tiki Vikings online slot game.

Tiki Vikings is a viking themed online slot which is still extremely new having only been established in August 2019.

This slot has 20 paylines and 5 reels, the minimum amount that players can bet is £0.10 whereas the maximum amount is £250.00.

This game is filled with awesome bonuses, promotions and jackpots all of which you will learn about in this ultra-informative review.

Players have the opportunity to win a magnificent jackpot of £75000 when playing on this JustForTheWin developed slot game.

Not only is this slot available t be played on desktops, there is also a free mobile phone app too which can be downloaded off either the Playstore for Android’s or app store for iOS devices.

There are several different methods of payment which players can choose from when it comes to withdrawing and depositing funds onto their account when playing on this slot.

All of the regular and common methods can be used such as Visa, Maestro and MasterCard, whilst E-wallets like NetEnt, Boku, PayByPhone and PayPal are also accepted.

Looks and Feel:

This funny slot game is about 3 viking friends who have just got home after being on a lovely sunny holiday and they have returned with plenty of souvenirs and gifts, all of which will play a huge role later on in the game.

The theme is very summery and exotic, due to the fact that these 3 hilarious characters are still in the summer mindset and we are here to give you some information about the overall appearance so stay tuned!

So from the minute I got onto the slot I automatically knew that I was going to have a blast of a time and this was because of the appearance alone which is clearly right up my street!

The theme on Tiki Vikings is extremely jolly and happy, colourful/bright colours have been used all around the slot, marvellous summer themed outfits are worn by the 3 mischievous vikings and there is plenty of cool features.

Each Viking is different and individual in their own way which is fantastic in my opinion, it shows that the developers have clearly spent time trying to make the slot different and I really cant compare this game to any other game out there.

One viking is happy, one is miserable and the other is angry, when you get onto the slot you will understand how awesome this really is!

The layout is a feature which is marvellous on Tiki Vikings in my opinion, nothing is too complex, in-fact it is actually very basic yet also extremely effective which is good to see.

All of the icons and relevant tabs which need to be accessed by players when playing the game are easily reachable and everything is fine to read, so in that aspect i have no complaints at all.

Now in terms of the feel, I really do have to say that I am more than impressed with Tiki Vikings.

Due to the fact that this slot game has only been around for just over a month, I did not think that it would tick all of the boxes which I required from top slot games, including the feel however I was certainly very wrong!

Surprisingly, the feel is actually one of if not the best things about playing on Tiki Vikings.

I had a great time when moving around the slot and accessing various different tabs.

Not once did my screen freeze and in addition to that I felt at total ease as well as being immensely comfortable too!

The responsiveness and top quality graphics are 2 important features for me as a big slot player and Tiki Vikings have excelled in both of these areas.

All in all , I am very happy with the looks and feel on Tiki Vikings and I am sure you will be too!

Bonus Features:

Slot games are popular for many different reasons but having fun and win large amounts of money are 2 of the main reasons why players decided to spend their time playing on this fabulous games.

We know that Bonus Features are the apple of a slot players eye, these days they can help massively and if you find the right slot you will certainly come across some huge bonus features which are bound to enhance your slot experience majorly.

There are several different Bonus Features on Tiki Vikings and we have listed some of the them down below so make sure you check them out.

Red Viking: If you manage to get your hands on the Red Viking then you will be rewarded with 7.5x of the your total bet.

Queen: The Queen will give you 3x your total bet.

Blue Viking: The Blue Viking will reward you with 3.5x of your overall bet.

Symbol Lock Re-Spin Feature: This feature is one of the most popular features on Tiki Vikings and it rewards the player with free spins with the option to also double the amount of spins they already have.

This symbol is triggered when there is a win which is made up of at least 3 high symbols.

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP on Tiki Vikings is 96.01%.

About the Developer:

JustForTheWin is a British online gaming development company.
The company have been operating since 2016.

Games developed by JustForTheWin are regulated and licensed with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

JustForTheWin currently have over 20 video slots that they have developed.


Overall, for a very new slot, Tiki Vikings is extremely good and I can see it going far in the industry to become one of the best slot games ever!

This is a slot that has been professionally developed and there are tons of things which I love about it.

The design is absolutely immense, the graphics are of a superb quality and the amount of bonuses and jackpots that are available for players to take advantage of it wonderful.

One of the main things which made me fall in love with this slot has to be the theme which is very unique.

I have never played on a slot like this with such an awesome theme and I had a jolly time whilst playing on it!

All in all, Tiki Vikings is a reliable slot game with dozens of terrific features which make it an exceptional slot, so be sure to play on it because I promise you will have no regrets at all!