Treasure Nile Review

Treasure Nile is a unique Egyptian themed slot game which was developed by online gaming pioneers Microgaming back in 2004, meaning that is one of the original online slot games which has been running for well over 10 years now.

 Treasure Nile has a decent RTP, 9 betways, 5 reels and a minimum bet amount of £0.05p. Players can play on Treasure Nile if they are using a compatible device that has a good internet connection, some of the compatible devices include iPhones, Android phones, Macbooks and Samsung Tablets.

Looks and Feel:

Treasure Nile really is a nice slot which has been very popular over the past decade having been established in 2004.

This slot game is regarded as legendary by some and it is easy to see why this statement has been made on numerous occasions. Treasure Nile is based on Ancient Egypt and the name of this slot comes from the famous River Nile in Egypt.

In this game, players will aim to win as much money as possible on the slot which is based on a scorching hot Egyptian scene.

The theme of this game is clear to see, and I noticed it right away which is always great. The background of Treasure Nile features various different Egyptian related icons, including pyramids, palm trees and snakes.

Whilst on the slot, I came across lots of warm colours which bring out the Egyptian theme, they include orange, dark red and brown.

In my opinion, the colours that have been used on Treasure Nile are very good because not only do they portray the theme of the game very well, but they also attract punters to play the game because they are eye catching.

On the actual slot table, you will see various different icons such as pharaoh’s, golden crowns, snakes and swords!

The payout button is situated at the bottom of the slot whilst the jackpot is displayed on the top left corner and the help button is at the bottom left corner.

Treasure Nile feels magnificent. I had a lovely time when I was on the slot and it had lots of great features in terms of the feel. When I was navigating around the slot the overall feel was soft and getting pages to open up was very fast.

Overall, Treasure Nile feels terrific and it looks absolutely great too so make sure you check it out!

Bonus Features:

Treasure Nile is known to be a reliable slot game, and this is mainly because it has been around for over a decade and has been developed by a well-known developer.

With over a decade of experience, Treasure Nile has seen millions of punters enter the slot and in order to keep more punters signing up they have a great array of bonus features.

These are some of the most used bonus features on the Treasure Nile slot game.

Bonus Game: The Bonus Game will appear at any moment and it will give the player additional rewards and features.

Symbols: There are lots of symbols on the Treasure Nile online slot game. Some of the most important ones to look out for that are very similar include Jackal, Cobra, Scepter, Pillar, Wheat and Sailboat.

Bonus: Treasure Nile has an awesome bonus of 6000 coins so make sure you look out for it!

Return to Player (RTP):

We know that slot players play on slots with the aim to win big and increase the size of their pockets and because of this, the RTP of a slot is immensely important. I am glad to inform you that Treasure Nile has a fairly decent RTP of 96%.


Treasure Nile is a legendary game in the world of online slots, and I can clearly see why it has been immensely successful over the past decade. This slot game looks slicker than average, it has a fantastic feel and the promotions are endless!

Treasure Nile accepts a great variety of payment methods, including E-wallets and it can played on several different devices in countries where online gambling is legal. Overall, this slot game by Microgaming is beyond brilliant and I recommend it to any slot player out there that is seeking a new fun game to play!