Valkyrie Review

Valkyrie is a popular online slot game which was released in December 2018 by ELK Studios. This game has 4 rows, 5 reels and 1024 ways to win.

Valkyrie is a fantasy themed slot which is based on a main Goddess called Freya who will be there to assist you on your journey on the Valkyrie slot game.

There is so many terrific features on the Valkyrie slot game and this really is a game which focuses on large money winnings, big fun and total uniqueness!

In this epic slot review, you will be informed on everything there is to know about the slot and by the end of the review you will be a true expert on Valkyrie.

This game has only been around for just under a year but in such a short space of time it has done insanely well and the numbers are huge! Due to the fact that millions of slot players love this game, the developer had to make sure that it was compatible on various different devices and I personally think this is great because it gives everybody an opportunity to play. As long as you have a device such as a smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet and a stable internet connection you will be good to play!

Now in terms of payment, a good range of payment methods can be used for withdrawing and depositing on Valkyrie by players. As well as standard cards such as debit, visa and maestro, E-wallets are also accepted too and I think this is really good because E-wallets are convenient and plenty of people now use them for online betting transactions. E-wallets that can be used on Valkyrie include PayPal, Boku, PayByPhone, American Express and Neteller.

If you are familiar with slots then you will know that online gaming is absolutely huge and more and more people are downloading mobile phone apps due to the convenience of playing from anywhere on a reliable device! Valkyrie has a good mobile phone app which is free to download and it is infact one of the most popular mobile betting apps at this current time.

As with the majority of slot games, the desktop version is the original version and this is also the case for Valkyrie. The people who use the desktop version of this game tend to be those who aren’t a fan of the app however you can try both to see which one suits you more because after all it is a personal preference!

Looks and Feel:

I am a massive slot player and here at Slotsino, we are the best slot experts which means we look for the slot games that have the top features only! I have also thought that the appearance on a slot game plays a significant role and because of that I was more than pleased when I realized that Valkyrie had a stupendous appearance which really does make this world-renowned online slot game look absolutely brilliant.

As you know, this is a fantasy themed slot which is bound to catch your attention because it certainly caught mine!

The first character that I noticed when I got onto the slot was Freya the Goddess who plays the main role. She is a fiery ginger character who is dressed in a purple outfit and has props such as swords in her hands as well as a golden crown on her hand.

Due to the fact that this slot is mainly based on goddesses, the theme is quite feminine and female orientated and because of that a lot of pink and purple type of colours have been used. The majority of the slot is pink and purple however there is also the occasional patch of gold, blue and green at times.

In my opinion the goddesses and props look excellent, they are very realistic and the quality of them is near enough exceptional! These funky divas can be seen in warrior type outfits with a female twist as there is pink hair, necklaces and tiaras which certainly express the theme on a larger scale.

I think that the feel on Valkyrie is very good and, in all honesty, I would not have enjoyed the slot as much as I did if it was not for the outstanding feel which made it a joy to play on. The layout is marvelous, the ease of navigation was good and the responsiveness is top tier too!

Bonus Features:

  • The Arrow of Fortune.
  • The Shield of Chance.
  • The Sword of Destiny.
  • Free Spins: If the player ends up landing 3 or more free spins on their reels, they will receive additional free spins as well as a bonus feature which is totally random.
  • Potential Max Winning: Even though this slot game does not have a jackpot, players can potentially win an astonishing 500000 coins!

Return to Player (RTP):

The RTP on Valkyrie is 96.3%.

About the Developer:

Being a slot lover, I always tend to play on the slot games which are renowned as reliable/well-known and because of this I opt for the well-developed slots as developers are extremely important in the industry of slots.

Check out these interesting facts about the developer of Valkyrie down below.

  • ELK Studios is a Swedish online gaming development company.
  • The world-renowned ELK Studios have been developing online slot games since 2013.
  • The ELK Studios headquarters is in Stockholm Sweden.


All in all, Valkyrie is a tremendous online slot game which I love for many different reasons. The layout is magnificent, the colours used are fabulous and the offers/bonuses are really good.

I think that this game has a tremendous theme which is really fun to play on, the overall development of the slot makes is a pleasure too. Overall, I am more than impressed with the Valkyrie online slot game and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is reading this review or is a massive slot player like myself who wants to win large on a professional online slot game.