Vicky Ventura Review

Vicky Ventura is a well-developed adventure themed online slot game which was released in April 2019.

Vicky Ventura is a product of the well-known online casino developer Red Tiger Gaming and it features 3 rows/243 paylines.

The coin range on Vicky Ventura is £0.20 – £200 and in this review, you will learn everything there is to know about the game and the special features that it has to offer!

Looks and Feel:

Vicky Ventura is a magnificent slot game that has so many brilliant features which we will be covering in this informative review.

Vicky Ventura is an adventure themed, Lara Croft type of game which is based on a ferocious young lady called Vicky who is on a crazy journey to collect as much resources as she possibly can and the player must assist her on the spectacular journey which they will be enduring.

So many things are important on slot games but the appearance of the slot is one of the most important features. A good looking slot can attract new players and also give a good reputation too.

In this part of the review we will be giving you information how the Vicky Ventura slot looks and also how good the feel of it is too.

As you would expect from an adventure themed slot game, the main theme is very outdoorsy and I instantly noticed various different trees and logs on the slot which made the theme very obvious.

The main character is Vicky Ventura who is a petite lady that wears a beige outfit along with a fisherman hat to add to her look.

The colours used on the Vicky Ventura slot are quite dark and they mainly consist of dark purple, brown and black however odd hints of colour can also be spotted at times.

The text throughout the slot is very clear to read and it is decently sized too which means it is not too big to look out of place neither is it too small.

Various symbols and icons can be found on Vicky Ventura too and in my opinion, this really adds to the slot and certainly makes it better which is obviously great for the player!

The Vicky Ventura slot feels great and I love it! The graphics are of tremendous quality and the resolution on animations/images are super!

Navigating through the game is absolutely fine and, in my opinion, the overall feel on Vicky Ventura is excellent!

Bonus Features:

These days, online slots are extremely popular and new slot games are getting released on a frequent basis every single day which means that the industry is forever growing!

Due to the fact that millions of people play on slots every year, developers need to ensure that their slots are the best they can be and they also need to make sure that they offer top incentives in order to satisfy the players.

Bonuses on slot games are deemed as a requirement these days and pretty much every slot now offers bonuses to their players.

Vicky Ventura has a magnificent range of slot bonuses and promotions which players can use in order to enhance their overall experience on the slot and some of the most popular ones are displayed below.

Free Spins: Free Spins can be redeemed if the player manages to find symbols and 3 symbols will reward the player with 10 free spins.

Compass Symbol: The compass symbol will reward the player with 2, 5 or even 15 of their original stake and these funds will be placed into the players account straight away.

Jackpot: There is an epic jackpot of £3,645 to be won on Vicky Ventura.

Return to Player (RTP):

Vicky Ventura has an RTP of 96.16%.


Vicky Ventura is an awesome game which I really do like very much! Vicky Ventura has been developed to an exceptionally high standard and this is very obvious to see.

The graphics on this slot are terrific, they are clear and the resolution is awesome. The images and animations as well as the colours used are all relatable to the theme and I personally think this is fantastic.

Overall, Vicky Ventura is a thrilling slot and if you are reading this review then make sure you try your luck on it!