Wicked Tales: Dark Red Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Wicked Tales Dark Red Slot Review & Free Play

Wicked Tales Dark Red is an exciting and well-presented online slot game that is powered by Microgaming. Microgaming have a huge selection of casino slots and this one is another for them to add to their collection. With this much experience and expertise in the industry, we can expect some very big things from their productions and, in this slot in particular, we can expect great features in which they are known to thrive in, which would be graphics, features and bonuses.

This is a fairy-tale themed slot game which is based upon one of the most popular children’s stories in the world, Little Red Riding Hood. However, it is not completely based on that and it has changed the story up a little, with different characters. In this slot review, we will delve into the slot game and see what it can offer in terms of gameplay, graphics, software speed and bonuses, to them come to an overall conclusion on whether or not we would recommend this slot game to you.

This is a mobile slot game, which means that you can access it on your smartphone or tablet device. This makes it more convenient for you to play as it allows you to access it anywhere at any time from the comfort of your mobile device. It means that the game is literally at your fingertips. The mobile version runs very smoothly and contains excellent graphics, for an enjoyable play.

Looks & Feel:

Aesthetically, this is a very pleasing slot and you can tell that Microgaming have spent a lot of time and effort trying to master the graphics for this slot game. In the background to this online slot game, you can see that it is set in the fields and woods, in a quite and forgotten area. The setting is very clear, and the graphics of the background really set the scene nicely, on the left you can see huge trees, where the woods begin, it is darkened and shadowed, as light struggles to make its way through the huge trees. Then on the right, you can see a tree stump that has the initials “DR” carved into it, meaning Dark Red. Behind this, you can see a cottage house, which looks very intriguing and has smoke coming up through the chimney, which means that the cottage is occupied, I wonder who may be inside. In the very back, you can see the sunset lighting up the clouds golden and also the tall mountain behind the cottage. The way the camera is positioned, it is as though you as a player has just walked through the woods and found this cottage. The slot reels then sit over this background in a wooden chest type of design and posture. The slot symbols sit in these reels and are designed in a way to match the theme.

Wicked Tales Dark Red is a 5-reel slot game with 25 pay lines, which is quite a standard amount for a casino slot. The minimum bet amount for this slot is 25p per spin and the maximum that you are able to wager is £200 per spin. The lower value symbols that are included in this online slot game are the playing cards of J, Q, K and A. These are designed in a fairy-tale font to go with the theme. The higher value symbols include male and female characters, the brooch, the candle, the pouch of gold and the wolf. These are all of the characters included in the game. The wild for this game is the dark red logo and the bonus symbols are the moon and wheel of fortune.

Bonus Symbols:

There is one bonus that is included in this online slot game, within this bonus, there are different features that are part of the bonus as a whole.

This bonus is called the Wolf’s Wheel Bonus. It is triggered by landing 3 moon scatter symbols anywhere on the active reels. Once you have done this, you will now get to spin the wheel of fortune which will reveal a cash prize and also a bonus feature. You are able to keep spinning the wheel of fortune until a feature has been won. The 2 bonuses that are available for you to win include:

  • Free Spins: This is activated by landing 1 of the 4 highest value symbols on the wheel. From this, you will receive a total of 9 free spins and that symbol in particular will replace all other higher symbols. During the free spins, the 4-row reels will move back and forth across the reels.
  • Forest of Fortunes: Choose one of the bags in order to reveal axes, wolves, or cash prizes. A wolf will finish the round, but an axe can give you an extra life. Every time you pick a cash prize, the multiplier will go up by 1x.

Wicked Tales Dark Red RTP:

The return to player for this online slot game stands at 96.10%, which is a fair figure that sits around the industry average.


To conclude our thoughts on Wicked Tales Dark Red, this is a very good online slot review for you to try out and it implements a fairy-tale theme excellently. As soon as you load it up it has that Red Riding Hood theme to it. The graphics are appealing and even the finest details stand out for this slot game. The symbols for this slot are creative and relevant to the theme. The bonus feature itself that is included in this slot game can be very rewarding, free spins, multipliers and other cash prizes can be won from this game. If you are into your fairy-tale themed slot games and want a light hearted slot that is a very calm play, then this slot would certainly be a good option to go with. Microgaming have made a very competitive game for its theme. It takes its own twist upon the little red riding hood theme.