Wild Cat Canyon Slot Review, RTP & Free Play

Wild Cat Canyon Review

While NextGen games have developed a reputation for having largely unappealing sounds in their games, turning the sound off or at least down is all that is needed to work around this problem. Once the sound is out of the way, it is easier to focus on what is important, the game itself. The same is true for Wild Cat Canyon, another of NextGen’s online slots game.

Graphically, Wild Cat Canyon isn’t the most appealing, and not many are fans of the cartoon styled graphics the game employs. Underneath the cartoony interface is a truly modern slots game, though this fact is somewhat hidden by the graphics and the sound. One could easily be mistaken to think that the game is older than it actually is.

There are a lot of redeeming points that help to make Wild Cat Canyon a worthwhile slots game. One of these redeeming points is the game’s free spin feature. In Wild Cat Canyon, players can choose from a number of free spins, each with their own multiplier. The free spins feature has a “respin” feature built into it. This means that players can end up with as many as 8 free spins just from 5 free spins. With a 10x multiplier that can easily turn into 50x.
Considering the numbers, it is easy to see the maximum potential win on Wild Cat Canyon. This maximum win is 100,000. This makes Wild Cat Canyon quite popular, as not only are its top-level rewards high, but there are also plenty of smaller rewards that keep players interested.

Bonus Features:

The Wildcat is the wild symbol in Wild Cat Canyon. It can stand in place of any other symbol beside the scatter. The scatter is a pawprint, and finding three or more pawprints will trigger the free spins bonus game. From here, players will choose the number of free spins they want, with their own respective multiplier. For example, choosing 15 free spins has a 3x multiplier, and 10 free spins give a 5x multiplier. Choosing five free spins provides the best multiplier of 10x.

The respins feature can only be triggered during free spins. Whenever players land the wild during a free spin, it will stay in place and cause a respin all the other reels.

Wild Cat Canyon RTP:

Players who take their online gaming seriously are interested in the RTP of the games they play. RTP is an abbreviation for “Return to Player”, and is casino jargon for how much the players get in comparison to how much the house gets. The RTP in Wild Cat Canyon is 95.5%.


It is very easy to judge Wild Cat Canyon by the less than appealing sounds and graphics. However, once you look past those two minor things you find that there is a lot to love. The respin feature that triggers during free spins can help keep your free spins going, earning you bigger rewards than you would have normally.