Win Escalator Review

This review is all about Win Escalator, a well-developed online slot game created by Red Tiger Gaming. The game was released in July 2019 so it is still very new and, in this review, you will learn everything there is to know about it. Win Escalator has 4 reels and 3 paylines as well as lots of jackpots, promotions and bonuses which are available to players from all around the world.

Looks & Feel:

Win Escalator is one of Red Tiger Gaming newest games and it is already doing huge numbers in terms of the amount of people that are playing on it and the success that this slot is currently enduring will only get bigger! Win escalator has so many awesome features but the looks and feel of this slot game is truly tremendous and in this part of the review we will be giving you all the information that you need to know about it.

The theme of this slot game is very unique and fruit machines are a massive influence which means that the first thing you are bound to notice is a huge array of fruits. Some of the most popular fruits on this slot include watermelons, oranges, grapes and cherries. The quality of graphics is tremendous and I was very pleased with it, the resolution is exceptionally clear as well as the animations and images too.

Overall, the appearance on win escalator is terrific and I would recommend this slot game to anybody who is looking for a slot game that looks good and uses the best software to ensure the quality of their images and animations is the best it can possibly be.

Now lets move onto the feel of win escalator. Due to the fact that win escalator is very new and has only been around since July 2019, I was expecting the feel to be very good and this was exactly the case! Win escalator feels absolutely terrific, pretty much every aspect in terms of the feel is brilliant and I really can’t complain!

The first thing which caught my attention was how simple the navigation was. Getting around the win escalator slot game is very easy and simple, in addition to this, the responsiveness is truly marvelous and it is immensely quick so I must pay credit to the developers of the game for this! Overall, the looks and feel on win escalator is superb and you should definitely check it out!

Bonus Features:

These days slot games are very popular and the vast majority of online casino players are playing on them. In order to attract people to sign up, lots of casinos are now offering promotions and bonuses to their players on slot games and Red Tiger Gaming have also done this on win escalator.

There are lots of bonuses available to slot players on win escalator and to give you a helping hand, we have decided to form a short list which states some of the very best bonuses which are available on win escalator.

Free Spins: Free spins are very common on slot games and win escalator offer lots of free spins to their players when playing on their game. The player will have to land a minimum of 3 scatters in order to trigger a minimum of 10 free spins.

Jackpot: There is an epic jackpot of £85,000 which can be won so be sure to try your hardest in order to win it!

Diamond Symbol: The super diamond symbol can reward the player with up to 40x payout if they manage to land 4 of the symbols.

Return to Player (RTP):

Win Escalator has an RTP of 94%.


Win Escalator is a good slot game which red tiger gaming have done a super job on. It is very clear to see that the developers of this game have spent a good amount of time on it in order to perfect it and ensure it is the very best it can be.

Win Escalator has lots of marvelous features and I would certainly recommend this awesome game to any slot player. So be sure to check out win escalator if you are looking to win big on a well-developed slot game which has lots of awesome bonuses.