Yo Yo Wild Review

Yo Yo Wild is a marvelous online slot game which has taken the slot industry by storm in recent months and we are here to provide you with all the best information about this popular slot in our informative review.

Yo Yo Wild was established in August 2018 by gaming development giants Eyecon who have worked on plenty of slots in their time so they certainly know what they are doing! Yo Yo Wild has 25 paylines and 5 reels. The maximum bet on this slot is £50.00 and the minimum bet is £1.00.

Looks and Feel:

Yo Yo Wild is based on the old school fun toy Yo Yo! Yo Yo’s are one of the oldest toys in the world and they are renowned for providing lots fun!

Nowadays, these old school toys are not that popular but Eyecon have decided to change this by bringing them back with the awesome Yo Yo themed slot, Yo Yo Wild.

There are dozens of Yo Yo’s on the homepage and this certainly displays the theme which the developers obviously intended to do. The colour range is beautiful, it is very bright and various rainbow colours can be seen.

The main colours on this game include blue, green, pink, orange and yellow. I really do love the fact that so many bright colours have been used on this slot game, they are very vibrant and, in my opinion, it gives off a very positive vibe which is great to see because that is quite rare to find on slot games nowadays.

The main slot on the homepage features various different icons, with the main ones being Yo Yo’s which are all different in terms of the sizes and the colours. Everything is displayed in a good format which makes the tabs easy to access.

Payment methods contact information and the FAQ section can all be found at the bottom of the slot homepage whilst the tab that displays the credit and user’s amount of money are both shown on the right hand side of the slot.

One of the most important features that pretty much every top slot game should have is a good feel. Nowadays there are thousands of slot games but what makes a slot stand out is the feel of it!

I am pleased to inform you that Yo Yo Wild has a brilliant feel which actually makes the game more fun to play on as it means less stress and an easy procedure!

I have always said that moving around a slot game is very important because it is something which you will be doing very often and having a slot which is easy to move around on is awesome! Thankfully, Yo Yo Wild is extremely easy to move around on and the navigation is certainly on point!

The responsiveness on this unique themed game is also another great feature which I am more than impressed with and the quality of the images/animations are absolutely immense as they are extremely clear and look like they are of the highest possible quality!

Bonus Features:

Yo Yo Wild is one of those slots which you can expect lots from and to make things even better, this game has been developed by a world-renowned company who are well-known for offering plenty of bonus features on their games!

This game has a decent range of bonus features and I have to say that I am very happy with what they have to offer because they are useful and easy to take advantage of which is obviously great for any player who enters the slot.

Take a look at some of the best bonuses that are available on Yo Yo Wild, listed down below!

YoYo Tricks: With this feature, you will need to land 3 scatter symbols and once this has been done, you will receive useful symbols which can enhance your winnings and potentially create new winning combos!

Jackpot: Jackpots are brilliant and slot players love them! Yo Yo Wild is a great slot for jackpots and I am sure you will be glad to find out that you have the chance to take advantage of 3 tremendous bonuses on this game!

Here are the 3 main jackpots that you will find on the slot.

Maxi Jackpot – Starts at £50 and it has to be won before it gets to £500.

Mini Jackpot – This jackpot starts at £10 and it must be won before it reaches £50.

Mega Jackpot: This is the big boy! A minimum amount of £5000 and it needs to be won before it gets to £100,00.

Return to Player:

Eyecon are a great slot developer who definitely know how to please their players and they have certainly done exactly that on this slot game as the RTP on Yo Yo Wild is an epic 96.5%!

About the Developer:

Eyecon are the people behind this awesome slot and I think that it is only right to pay some credit to them as there hard work has certainly paid off!

Yo Yo Wild has so many great features and elements and it has been developed extremely well! Eyecon are a world-renowned company and you probably have already heard of them but we thought it would be good to add to your knowledge by providing you with some more info!

Here are some interesting facts about Eyecon:

  • The Eyecon head office is in South Brisbane, Australia.
  • Eyecon have been operating since 1997, giving them over 20 years of experience!
  • Skordos Diamantis is the owner of Eyecon.


Yo Yo Wild is a popular slot game with dozens of immense offers and bonuses which are absolutely fantastic and I can certainly see why it is one of the biggest slots right now!

With this Eyecon developed slot game, there is so much that you can expect, including generous payouts, rounds of fun, perky promotions and unique bonuses!

There really is so much that Yo Yo Wild has to offer and with it being one of our recommended slot games to play on in 2019, you must give it a try!