New Online Casinos in 2021

Brand new casinos are entering the market all the time, there seems to be constant supply as online brands look to take a slice of the huge pie that is casino players. Casino affiliates that offer recommendable internet casinos receive weekly requests for listings from dozens of different casinos end up having to turn down new casinos that do not meet their demanding criteria. They test each casino themselves, as they want to offer their readers only the most entertaining entrants on the market that really bring quality to the world of iGaming.


There is an incomprehensible number of online casinos today and the competition for customers is fiercer than ever before. Thanks to this, bonuses, free spins and other benefits are always only available, and this is good for us Finns. However, the large number of casinos can also bring small troubles, as it can be difficult for novice players in particular to know where to identify the best new online casinos. However, at sites like Bonus Bets, they jump at this point and tell you how to find the hottest news and where to find the latest casinos. Casinos in the EEA are always at the forefront. One of the more recommended gaming platforms is actually Betiton betting.

In 2021, new casinos will not be able to simply enter the market without undergoing proper investigation from regularity boards. Today, casinos have to ensure and be trusted to immaculate service from day one and you can play without unnecessary problems. Of course, a small development can be expected from new casinos over time, as the selection of games, for example, can grow dramatically during the first months.

The most important thing when choosing new casinos is to check the license managed by the gaming site. The best Gaming License for most European casinos is the license issued by the Maltese gaming authorities, as it guarantees tax-free winnings in addition to guaranteed security. In addition to the features mentioned above, it is always a good idea to check if the new casino offers your preferred payment methods. In general, new online casinos offer a really diverse range of different money transfer methods. Below we have listed a few more things to check before you start playing.

  • Game license
  • Payment methods
  • Welcome Bonus & Other Bonuses
  • Bonus Terms & Conditions
  • Language selection


Casinos are constantly entering the market and finding the best entrants can be difficult as there sometimes seems to be too much on offer. This is why you have sites to help players find all the best fish from the depths of the huge casino sea.

The most important factor when evaluating new casinos is security. The Casino Gaming License already says a lot about the security of the site, as a Maltese license, for example, cannot be obtained if the casino does not meet the demanding security requirements. SSL encryption is also very important, as it helps ensure that a player’s money or other personal information does not fall into the wrong hands. All the most popular payment methods must be available so that players can transfer money in both directions with peace of mind.

Most casinos offer a welcome bonus, which is also important for many players as it allows you to get a head start when playing. However, note that with big bonuses come big terms and conditions. Make sure you are aware of this because you sign up to a new casino based on its bonuses.

The range of games and the quality of them are also high in our evaluation criteria. The sheer number of games does not make a casino good or bad, as quality replaces quantity. It is therefore important that the new casino offers games from the most reputable gaming manufacturers.


The new casinos have taken huge strides in recent years. Today’s online casinos are quite different from the early days when the first online casinos arrived in the wonderful world of the internet. Really, casinos appeared on the market a long while back and people were not sure on its popularity as land-based casinos were so popular.

During the last decade, casinos have grabbed a place from the hearts of gamblers, as new online casinos began to enter the world with a constant supply. New online casinos also entered the market strongly, with the number of players at online casinos exploding. Today, there are also completely domestic casinos on the market that are suitable for all. Recent years have seen a new trend in the casino world that is registration-free gaming. Today, several new online casinos operate without registration, making it easier to play than ever before.

The rise of new online casinos

The real rise of new casinos was seen in the 2010s. With the development of technology, people started to use the internet even more, and due to the proliferation of mobile devices, there was naturally a desire to try casino games on mobile as well. The new casinos responded to the cry, and the number of casinos literally skyrocketed. Due to the large number of gaming sites, the competitive situation between the casinos further increased, with the new casinos needing new innovations to attract customers. We have looked at studies that suggest betting in Holland massively increased thanks to new mobile and tablet devices.

Due to the shockingly fierce competition, the market saw new shocks to the casino world during the 2010s that took the gaming experience to a whole new level. Withdrawals no longer had to wait days, games became more interactive, and usability was raised to incomprehensible heights. Nowadays, you can play virtually anywhere, anytime, so it’s no wonder that the popularity of online casinos has grown quite a bit over the last decade. With the development of technology, we will certainly see great innovations in the years to come.


The 2021 online casinos offer innovative new features never seen before in the casino world. Competition between casinos is a very good thing for players, as new entrants are also forcing old casinos to react, which means that there is always only a higher quality gaming experience on offer. The newest casino doesn’t usually differ in its selection of games from traditional sites, but in other areas the difference can be very much. In most cases, the new casino offers lightning-fast withdrawals, a beautiful layout, and better-than-normal usability, but in addition to the features mentioned above, market entrants can be sites that specialize in a particular topic.


Players get to enjoy high-quality usability at new casinos almost without exception. With the advancement of technology, usability is really high quality today, and usually the latest casino offers a much smoother gaming experience than a site that has been in business for decades. New casinos want to stand out from their established players by offering a state-of-the-art site that is optimized for use on any device. Today, it is not possible to enter the market with a half-powerful site that will be developed over the years, as usability must be at the top-level right from the launch.

Fast money transfers

New registration-free casinos in particular are the current trend. These sites offer easy and fast payments, and it is no wonder that they are very popular with players. Account-free gaming is really effortless, but keep in mind that other new payment methods are also on the rise. In recent years, cryptocurrencies and paying with them at casinos have become significantly more common, but not every casino supports cryptocurrencies. However, new online casinos also take a longer turn with crypts, as in most cases it is the new casino that supports these payment methods.

Specialty Casinos

Today, there are numerous specialty casinos on the market that, as the name implies, specialize in a particular subject area. This can mean, for example, an exceptionally wide selection of slots or a comprehensive live casino, but special themes are also very common today. Themed casinos are very popular and are also available for domestic casino game lovers. For Finnish players, there are Finnish casinos that offer not only a cozy look but also Finnish special games, a good example of which is the Humpers slot game.